Church Media and New CD’s

The hardest part of writing on my blog is trying to come up with a good opening paragraph.  So I may just go random thoughts.  I bought the new Passion CD, “Everything Glorious” this morning.  I was going to get it last night, but iTunes has some issues I believe.  I bought (not yet received) the old Misty Edwards CD, “Eternity“.  None of the music services had it, nor did any of my main shops ( and iTunes).  I’ve got one song from, and must say they’re pretty good too.  They have the new Hillsong United CD for $9.99 (while iTunes has it at $19.99).  There’s a DVD with it if it’s bought in packaging though, so I may not buy it right away.

On Sunday I went searching for more free multimedia and videos for church and found two resources.  One requires that your church (or a member?) register.  I’ve not registered.  However, the other does not.  Vine Resources is the one which does not require any registration.  The other is (interview with why they do this).  I just thought that someone could use these for their own church (without searching all over the internet for them like I did).  The second source (, has their resources as videos (NTSC and PAL formats) and Adobe Photoshop images (not really sure about anything else, or how these are downloaded since I’ve not registered).  That’s why we started — we believe in free resources (services in this case) for churches.  By the way, the church sermons section is reopened and we are taking new applications on first come, first serve basis.  For information, check this page.

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  1. Well Justin you are just one media maniac!

    Anyways, yeah its so tough finding good resources. I got an idea will email you.

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