Life: A Vapor

I know I've posted on this in another post recently.  I guess recent events (this week) may have caused me to think over it again.  So often I think life (here on earth) will last forever — 60 years does sound a ways away — but it doesn't.  Just yesterday our dog that we had for a good while (between 6 and 8 years I believe) died.  Her life span was cut almost in half of what the normal lifespan is — she was in great health.  Just tonight someone drowned.  He had a wife with a first child on the way.  Not sure I knew him, but I know who his wife is.  It's such a sad story.  In just an moment his life was gone.  More than half of his life — gone.  There's a million different possibilities that could be speculated against as to why either event happened or what could have been done to avoid it — these won't bring either back though.

So many people waste their lives away with nothing that will last past the grave.  I spend so much time into things that will one day pass away (and so often — before my life time).  Perhaps nothing will come out of this and it'll be life as normal for most people — but maybe, just maybe, it'll open a few eyes to see that life is but a vapor.  Here today, gone tomorrow — fleeting.  Maybe this will wake someone up, though, for them to see that every second here on Earth is valuable and we should spend it for the service of God.  There may not be another chance tomorrow.

I hope I can catch some sleep now …