Life Update

The next version of E-Blah has been going okay.  Not near as fast as I’d like, but I’ve been doing several other things at once.  I’ve got a few things even within the project still open (I normally try to finish one section before starting on the next).  Recently, I’ve been working on the calendar portion.  A complete recode of the calendar.  It’s a major pain.  I like the end result so far though.  I’ve got a little clean up work and then distribution to the other sections of the code and I should be done.  It’s tedious work.  Not a lot of people use the calendar, but those that do find that it’s the feature that draws them to the software — thus making it worth it.

In the meantime, I’ve been learning a new language — C#.  I’m learning the very basic concepts of everything.  I may need to get a book so I can actually create a good piece of software.  I’m using the .NET Framework (Microsoft is releasing Visual Studio Express free of charge — forever — now).  It’s different.  I’m following a video tutorial from the Microsoft website.  It’s helping me to learn the interface a little while I go.

School is going just great.  I’ve got the majority of my essays either completed or near completion.  I’ve got one more two page essay to write and I’ll be done with all my essays (minus the final essays).  I need to finish one more lab in the computer class (I don’t have Microsoft Access here, so I have to use it there).  I have one more assignment for the Economics class.  Other than that, I’m done I believe.  The computer essay was easier than I thought.

I shot my rocket twice today.  We was afraid the wind was going to knock it off onto a roof.  It did fine though, the wind wasn’t too bad.  I’ve got three more rocket engines, they should be pretty fun to shoot on another day.

I hate bugs.  There’s some sort of jumping insect wandering around my room (it looks so much like a mix between a spider and a grasshopper, but I don’t think it is one).  I’ve killed several of them this year already.  This is the only one that’s jumped away though.  Earlier tonight I killed another 1-2 inch spider.  He was crawling on the wall.  Was.

I’ve not listened to as much here lately (been listening to the Night Watch or some other worship station).  I’ve heard a new artist on the other day though, called “Red”.  The song, “Breath Into Me” is a very good.  Check them out.

I guess that’s enough over viewing for tonight.