Movie Night

I took the Jenna and Mitchell, and Jenna’s friend Ashley to a movie tonight.  Cars.  I don’t do reviews too well, so I’m not going to really try now.  The movie was hilarious.  The movie had a very good (moral) message about selfishness.  I’d love to watch it several more times before it hits DVD, which I don’t say very often.  It is rated G.  I think this is the first G rated movie I’ve saw in theaters in years.  It was very clean, also.

I voted last Tuesday in the Alabama primaries.  There was a marriage amendment for Alabama that I had to draw the little line for “Yes”.  It passed with 81.24%.  In other words, Alabama won’t be acknowledging any gay marriages anytime soon.  The rest of the nation will soon follow suit, I’m pretty sure.  This is, of course great and awesome news.  Oh while on the issue of outlawing things, legalized murder will soon no longer be tolerated either (abortion for any of the pro-slaughterers out there).  Things like that just take time.  Just gotta wait (and pray) for Bush to pick one last judge and it’s gone.  For. Good.

For anyone wondering, I, of course, voted in the Republican primaries.  No way am I ever voting for those who root for the terrorists and don’t respect Godly authority and leadership (or any minority third party as they just steal votes).

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  1. I saw Cars last night, too, and I really enjoyed it! I love to watch Disney or other good animated (rated G) movies in the theater….they almost always have a good moral or message, and there’s never really any scenes that make me uncomfortable, so I can see them with whoever and it’s always fun. 🙂

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