Things Left Unsaid

This is easily one of my favorite songs of the year. I wasn’t about to post it, but I keep loosing the website I find the lyrics at, so I decided to post it …

It’s just a matter of time a few days ago
I saw you, you were fine
Remember what you said about the book you read
The one I got you at the beginning of the year
Oh, how we talk for hours upon end what I would give just to do it again
You’re lying there in this hospital bed
Won’t you open your eyes and lets talk once again

If you fly away tonight
I want to tell you that I love you
I hope that you can hear me
I hope that you can feel me

If you fly away tonight
I want to tell you that I’m sorry
That I never told you
When we were face to face

Well I’ve been here all night
And I’m watching you breathe in and breathe out
Is it really you or just a machine that’s giving you life
And its making it seem that there could be hope I could say to your face
If it weren’t for you there would be no grace
That’s covered my life
You took the time to speak into my mind and heart words of light

So goodbye for now
And I’ll see you again someway somehow
When its my time to go to the other side
I’ll hold you again and melt at your smile
Now all I have all the words that I’m with
And you taught me not to take for granted the time that we have
To show that we care
So we give to the mind and the hearts while they’re here
Say I love you

“Things Left Unsaid” by Disciple

I’ll try to post something a little more thoughtful in the next few days …

Edit: Ryan comments to say that Kevin Young of Disciple wrote this song for his grandfather. You can watch a live version of it on YouTube.

12 Replies to “Things Left Unsaid”

  1. Things Left Unsaid is hands down my favorite song. Its a shame that they havent put it out there.

  2. That is such an amazing song. Do you know what the story behind it is? I wish I knew.. so emotional..

  3. Beautiful Song, PLease someone can translate to Spanish
    Hermoza Canción, alguien puede traducirla al Español.

    sorry my bad english

  4. this song is very powerful, and it reminds me of how when someone is on their death bed, how much u want to talk to them, but then u find out the next morning that she is dead, this happened to me, but i hope it doesn’t happen again


  6. I met them in person
    Keven signed my shirt
    also everyone too
    like joey (love his hair!)

  7. ok..this song has a very deep meaning for me!! the very first guy i have ever really loved passe away a year ago in July! it was a very traumatic experience for me to lose someone sooo close to my heart!! I heard this song for the 1st time this afternoon (i’m at work and listen to XM Radio while I’m workin) and i just starting weeping at my desk…. it brouht back soo many memories of when we were together and the last time i saw (which was 3 days before i found out he was killed). So i DEEPLY love this song!!! Congrats to Disciple for doing such a FABULOUS song! i’m sure it touched many people! God Bless! *R

  8. i absolutely adore this song. it’s gorgeous. so full of raw emotion….by far my favorite song right now.

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