Oh God, Oh God I Need You!

When I got tired of running from you
I stopped right there to catch my breath
There your words they caught my ears
You said, “I miss you son. Come home”
And my sins, they watched me leave
And in my heart I so believed
The love you felt for me was mine
The love I’d wished for all this time
And when the doors were closed
I heard no I told so’s
I said the words I knew you knew
Oh God, Oh God I needed you
God all this time I needed you, I needed you

Relient K – I So Hate Consequences

I want to go to sleep.  I can’t get these thoughts out of my head.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Psalm 23:4 (KJV)

I’m selfish.  I’m worrying about this, while there’s an entire city not caring a thing in the world about it.  In a heartbeat: over.  Gone.  Nothing.  Evil pervades the darkest corners.  About life I go — not caring a thing in the world for what’s around the corner.  “No idea what to do”, I say.  Yet all the while the person down the street is dying.  Completely oblivious that there’s life after death.  Suffocating.  Dying.  Yet, I eat and worry about my own self-absorbed issues.  Prayer?  It’s rarely thought of.  Like the thought of dying.  Out of sight, out of mind.  “Never”, we say, “I’ll die at 75 of natural causes”.  All the while, they die the next day.  Ended.  Gone.  In an instance.  Heave or Hell?  Not the words: the place.  Never fully understanding there was life after death …

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  1. Satan has, always has had (since Adam and Eve), and always will have a hold on our fallen world until the day Jesus comes again.

    As hard as we try, we aren’t going to save everyone. Even if they hear the Word of God, they still don’t care. There is nothing we can do about it, it’s all upto God!

    I have seen and heard things that almost all non-Christians think is “unbelievable”. I ask them if they want to come to church with me, what do they say? “No.” As in they don’t believe me and if I am right, and they find out that God does exist, their life will change.

    People are afraid of change, they stick to what works, what they like, etc. If they like the life of a sinner, the only way they are going to change is though God.

    By the way, I love that song by Relient K 🙂

  2. Some time I can not take it, thing in my live to so hard , I just relocated and i can not fine a job,my houban loss his job, we have five kids, we have a morege to pay the taxs are here and we do not have the money to pay for it, my husban is trying to get his cdl lieson but is having a hard time, i need a car to get a job, when I have a interviw i have to ask a neaber to take me and their are getting mad abut it but a have no money to get one, o god i feld so helpless i need you in my live o god, i need you to open a door for us o god, I feld that we are goin to end up on the stree, dear god i love you i know that you are reld, as am sitting here a feld that i have no contol of what will happen know one to take to , if any one should read this plase for give my spelling, and plase I am asking you to pay for us, we need payer.

  3. Oh Lord…..

    Everytime i hear that part of the song it brings tears to my eyes….im so sorry Michelle, i wish i had read this sooner. I am praying for you from now on. Please hold on! God will come through!

  4. storms come and go I will pray for you every time Ithink of my childern, and god dose love you all Amen

  5. Michelle,
    It has been over a year since you wrote that. You brought tears to my eyes. I pray the Lord is comforting you right now. I pray you will feel His love surrounding you. I pray for provision and favor. I am in hard times too- but more emotionally. One day we will all be together.No pain no fears, only joy. We will be singing and praising Him.
    Written with the love of Jesus,
    We all have to hold on,,,,tightly
    And pray for eachother.

  6. Michelle,

    I have been so absorbed with my own issues and fears that God isn’t hearing me that I selfishly forgot that I am not alone here. There are others who need him so much more. I will pray for you and your family. I wish I had the money you need so God could use me as an instrument to help you. It will come, Michelle. It WILL come. God bless you and yours.

  7. Dear Michelle,

    I just read your case and has prayed for you. It’s has been one year and I hope you have found the answer from God

  8. god….i need u now…my life is a mess…i’m an engineer with no job…. i want 2 do mba….but financial problems…in my life i cant have anything….i cant have any thing i need…..please anyone reading this please pray for me…..god i need u….

  9. huh…got that admission…..god…help me……..i have no money…..so i cant do MBA. I cant do a job even as i did B.Tech in biotechnology…..not easy 2 get a job………pray for me friendz…………..and michelle, wat abt u?

  10. god i need u i dont have any one in my life my love failed,i am not getting the results i always wanted.i was in love with this person from past 8 years i made himpart of my sole and he is not mine today please help me ,make me the most beatiful person god please help me i need u

  11. God says in his word that he has accounted for all ur days on earth even b4 U lived day One. He’s got us, that’s his promise, i want u all in distress to for a moment just pull strength 4rm that.
    Meself wiritng, i am pulling grace 4rm these words….no matter hwo upside down life will get, nothing will shadow the eyes of the lord over his children. He says He never sleeps nor slumbers, so he is in control, he’s watching over us and our desires and needs, at the right time, his blessings will show forth.
    nonetheless can i just thank U oh God my father for ur grace, love and goodness towards me. Thanks for my education and for being my strength. I am ABLE in YOU only, if I try on my own, I FAIL!!

  12. Please pray for my darling, he is going through a really hard time with himself and he thinks its related to his up-bringing. He needs a breakthrough- a different mentality. He wants it, and is searching. He trusts God. In the mean time, he needs strength, increased faith, guidance and most importantly, prayer. Thank you for joining me in prayer.

  13. i too am looking for god i need him and his help i was married for 10 years my ex husband left me for an 18 yr old and took custudy of my 4 kids ..10-31-05 my dad died of lung cancer he was mad at me when he died i never got to say good bye my mothe and sister used and abused me.. on 5-16-07 i maried the man i know god sent to love me i had gotton custoday of my kids on 12-23-07….my husband is in the army and got shipped to iraq in 7-23-08 mt mother called dyfs on me and said i went crazy this is not true..i was supposed to move out of nj with my kids to tenness well she got custody of my kid i miss them so much it seems like everyone i ever loved gets taken from me …..so to those of you having hard time i understand how u feel and i prey for all of u..i know there is a god i think he loves me i just dont unnderstand how he can let eveil win so much ……thank for listing

  14. dear god…
    i feel depressed i am a teenager with loving parents but they keep thinking of me as shady and also their life has been pretty bad for the past few years we moved to canada and my parents could not find jobs and now they are both studying to get th e canadian license but its hard for them because they are old and not too od in english
    god i pray to you to please help my parents specially my mom be happy like she used to be when she was younger i feel like if she never had me she would have a better life because she always says sh moved to canada for me but i keep disappointing her god please help my parents be happy pleasssee and alsoo please help my mother pass her collage course and find a job so she can finally be happpyy dear god i pray to you please pleasee

  15. I am also a teenager (16) and life has been so hard for me i am a christian girl and put my faith in God with everything i do but things have gotten really bad for me lately life is not going so well. My dad just got deployed to iraq, my hair has been coming out (tests are being run still by my doctor to figure out why), i have really severe acne, and kids at school dont make it any easier. I feel trapped and i just want to stay in my room and not come out i wanna be a doctor someday and help people around the world and i have no doubt that God has granted me with the knowledge to be able to do so i got a 4.25 gpa this year but sometimes i feel as though that is all i have. i am so hurt inside i also lost somebody very close to me and my grandma is very ill and doesnt have to much longer either and i love my grandma i dont want her to die:( but i know that it is coming sooner than expected. i know that the Lord is the only way for me to stop my hurt and ive been praying more and attempting to worry less but sometimes the tears just wont stop and it is interfering with my everyday life. Everyone says that these are supposed to be the best years of my life but i dont feel as though they are and if they are i hate to see my worst years..i just ask that whoever reads this prays for me please i need itt.. im so hurt insidee. im not doing okayy i just wanna make itt i am placing all my worries and struggles in God’s hands now cuz i know he is the only one strong enough to carry them all. im surrounded by unbelievers at my school and i try my best to obtain knowledge to disprove what they are sayingg and even though i most times succeed it still hurts that people would try to denie a God that only wants to help and be thier for us and provide eternal life for those who seek it.. well newayzz im gonna go noww but i pray i make it through this storm.. this too shall pass i know..

  16. Oh god, i m not studying, i m not intellegent. Plz help me studying so i get a job. And succes my dreams. God plz help what can i do in my life, i don’t no anything what is right or wrong.

  17. No one like me. I don’t have true friends who understand my feelings, who cares me. Plz give me gud frnd also.

  18. I say a prayer for all of you. You are not lone. God is with you. I pray that you will recieve all you have ask for. God hears all and He will help. Just keep believing in Him.Bless you all

  19. i need u i realyy do please rescue me ……i cannot harm myself because i cant imagine what that will do to people who truly love me…..jus want faith ….i want u 2 be wit be in these testing times the most pls jus help me too cross these incredibaly difficuilt barriers in life …..i will be forever gratefull

  20. god i need you i dont know what to do know my life is a hallow shell i don’t really do good on any thing i do forgive me that i’v let you down so many times i lov u . I know i am unworthy to have a god like you … but i aks one thing and one thing only… forgive me

  21. I came this site out of desparation. I need God, I need him i have bills to pay, I have exams to write, I have a non-existant social life, no one to hold or love. I am all out. I lack focus, my head spins out of control and day in day out life is just passing by without me accomplishing anything at all sometimes I feel so helpless and then it dawns on me that I am not alone. The struggles that I face are not new to me nor are they mines. These are problems that each one of us can relate to.

    Then we ask for God…we say where is God when we need Him, and we turn away from Him because we believe that He is not here. But the truth is , God is here , His words says that He would Never leave us or forsake us ……God is not man that He should lie, He is right here waiting for us to recognize His presence and to give our all ( sins, frustrations, hopes, our everything to Him. It is only when we empty ourselves of us can He come into our lives and lead us where HE wants us to be.

    I am not saying that things are going to change by the switch of a button, but I gurantee you that If you believe that God will make a way out when there seems to be no way that Things will get better . Remember, this too shall pass…..St.Paul says that we must count it a blessing when we suffer because it builds patience, fortitude and the works. And i recognize that when people are suffering as I am that we may not want to hear such things that we consider unrealistic but my friends we can Get angry with God but that does not help, we can get mad at the world but that does not help…Be angry and sin not… Empty yourself to God, that is what I am doing and I KNOw that He will deliver me.

    May God bless and strengthen all of you. For all who need help, love, jobs, whatever your needs are I pray that God will bless you according to His richness in Glory. HOLD ON, TRUST IN JESUS.

  22. Angyl, great encouragement — it’s something I think I needed, and I’m sure a great many other people do as well!

  23. To everyone out there…I hear you and feel your pain. Believe in our Lord Jesus…for I have been down, and by the grace of God, my prayers and BELIEF that God is watching down on us and never stops loving us. God is good…..pray to him and ask him to come into your heart and lead the way. He will wrap his arms around you, hold you and take you where you want to go or be. Trust in our Lord Jesus, for he has never let me down. I am one of his STAR children_ he ALWAYS , ALWAYS, picks me up and takes me to places I had never dreamed of! He ALWAYS places me down being in a better, greater position than where I came from. Let him love you…Trust and believe in him, MIRACLES BEGIN!! I love you all….

  24. I really nid God in my life rite nw…….evrytin seems 2 be stagnant in my life nw n i realy ddnt knw y.pls i need u pple 2 pray.tanx

  25. The obstacle we face as human better yet Gods children.Just getting threw the storms is the hardest but Jesus has already conquered what we face in r daily lives sickness,poverty.death,& DESEASE. And we have the easiest job which is to believe. I have been in some dark situation and watched he move strong hold out my mind and now the faith that i have in the Lord is so amazing. He said as I was with moses i’ll b with U.God loves U and I do also when the storm is over I promise u sayitwas worth it all.

  26. I am so scared, I feel like I am being crushed. I can’t take this feeling anymore. Please, help me, please make everything turn out alright. I just want to be happy, but it seems like everything is just falling to pieces around me, despite all my efforts to prevent it. All I need is to get though the next couple days. Please….

  27. Oh God, I ask your forgiveness, Have your way in my life oh God,That I have sin against you, Give me power to sin no more,as 2013 end today, so shall every yoke of sin end. Give me power to overcome every unrighteousness, In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

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