Little Posting

I’ve posted very little this month.  I’ve been tired, and really haven’t had much things really on my mind (worth actually posting).  I went to bed at 7:30 last night, and fell asleep almost right when my head hit the pillow.  Currently, I’m at church in a baby shower.  Here comes the last gift as I type.  It’s for a couple in our church.  I’m anti-social, again.  I like one on one conversations, not conversation in groups.

I’ve been working a bit at work lately.  I’ve made my job a lot easier, so I’ve been able to knock out what I have to do relatively quickly.  I’m so glad I know programming — it makes life so much easier.  We have a laptop issue tomorrow.  I just hope I won’t be speaking (one on one, that’s how I like it).

I started reading a chapter or two of the Bible every morning, I got through all of Romans (which is a book I love).  I skipped around today, but I’ll probably start 1 Corinthians tomorrow (which is one of my favorite books, as well).  I’ve almost finished my other book — The Burning Heart Contract.  I’ve been listening to several podcasts almost every morning before work and every afternoon after work.  Over the past week or so I’ve been listening to a new podcast from my old church in Colorado Springs, The Desperation Podcast.  They’ve been going through one of A.W. Tozers books, which I plan to one day read.  I’ve read a good bit of Tozer and like him pretty well.  A good quote I heard this morning was by Aaron Stern — are you consuming God, or are you being consumed by God?  I’m going off of memory, so it may not be a verbatim quote.

Anyway, I think we’re about to leave, so I guess I’m going to go for now.  I’ll try to post something more interesting in a few days … maybe.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the insight and encouragement to read the Word — hearing your discipline right now makes me want to seek harder after God too.

    The A.W. Tozer study at New Life Church has been called ’70 Days of Pursuit’ — you can read descriptions of the talks at ’70 Days’ was lead-up to the Desperation Conference 06 which is going on right now!

  2. Thanks, I should have mentioned the title of the talks. 🙂

    Can’t get to the MySpace blog at the moment …

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