It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated.  I’ll try to recap a few things and not make this too long …

Registration for spring semester starts Tuesday.  I called to see how I could change my major, and I’ve got to fill out a form.  Right now I’m thinking about changing it to Information Systems.  It’s sounds more like what I’m interested in.  I don’t care for this math major I have now.  I’ll update on how that goes later …

After the major change, I’ll need to see a new advisor and figure out the classes I need to take next semester.

I’ve thought about many things lately.  And learned a bit too.  Or I am learning …

All this stuff I’m doing in school seems down right senseless and useless.  That’s probably one of the things I’m learning thought.  I love all my classes (minus the computer one; math goes by so quick it frustrates me to want to give up).  The literature class is interesting with all the history.  I’ll be thoroughly surprised if I ever need the Shakespeare and Chaucer, though.  Biology is so-so.  All it is is note taking.  I can’t hardly read the instructors cursive though.  Biology lab is all right.  I think I have the smallest group with only one other person.  Sometimes we have to combine, and some of the others we combine with are lazy in answering the questions.  It bugs me.  More work for us later.  The computer one is ultra-boredom.  The way I’ve heard others talk about the class, they aren’t doing good — makes me feel bad (as I don’t even listen to lectures or read anything and get good test-grades).  I guess that’s how people who excel in literature feel when I get the low grade.  Maybe.  Math is just frustrating.

Last Wednesday, Tim got a new server.  Not much downtime.  It was better than the previous server moves.  This site’s speed is so much better than it used to be.

I guess that’s my update for now … I want to post about other things, but I’ve not come to full understanding of them yet.

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