Five Months Too Short

It has been a short five months since this semester began, and now it is about time to move on. I have decided to take a summer class the year after work. I have two more finals tomorrow, and then I start work on Thursday. It was a good semester, and not as difficult as the last. Many good things have changed in these last five months though.

I have been going fishing this year. I have been reading more books this year. I have been drinking more water lately. Lately, I have been eating less chocolate (partly because I forget until late at night). I have been learning that some opinions are better kept silent, while others may be better voiced – though most people think I am “normally” silent anyway. I have been doing more things that are random. I have been thinking more positive. With all that, I am still learning.

I think all of what I have really been learning can all boil down to one thing and that’s trusting God no matter what.

In a final quick closing, I rewrote the entire backend for and added a few more features. I opened the new site up to the public yesterday, and I think it will greatly help the churches involved. Anyway, I have a book I started several weeks ago that I should start trying to finish …

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  1. hey buddy what up?
    check this out… hold it… hold it… i might go to ihop next year for one year 😀
    finally eh? 🙂

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