Five Months Too Short

It has been a short five months since this semester began, and now it is about time to move on. I have decided to take a summer class the year after work. I have two more finals tomorrow, and then I start work on Thursday. It was a good semester, and not as difficult as the last. Many good things have changed in these last five months though.

I have been going fishing this year. I have been reading more books this year. I have been drinking more water lately. Lately, I have been eating less chocolate (partly because I forget until late at night). I have been learning that some opinions are better kept silent, while others may be better voiced – though most people think I am “normally” silent anyway. I have been doing more things that are random. I have been thinking more positive. With all that, I am still learning.

I think all of what I have really been learning can all boil down to one thing and that’s trusting God no matter what.

In a final quick closing, I rewrote the entire backend for and added a few more features. I opened the new site up to the public yesterday, and I think it will greatly help the churches involved. Anyway, I have a book I started several weeks ago that I should start trying to finish …

Life Update

The next version of E-Blah has been going okay.  Not near as fast as I’d like, but I’ve been doing several other things at once.  I’ve got a few things even within the project still open (I normally try to finish one section before starting on the next).  Recently, I’ve been working on the calendar portion.  A complete recode of the calendar.  It’s a major pain.  I like the end result so far though.  I’ve got a little clean up work and then distribution to the other sections of the code and I should be done.  It’s tedious work.  Not a lot of people use the calendar, but those that do find that it’s the feature that draws them to the software — thus making it worth it.

In the meantime, I’ve been learning a new language — C#.  I’m learning the very basic concepts of everything.  I may need to get a book so I can actually create a good piece of software.  I’m using the .NET Framework (Microsoft is releasing Visual Studio Express free of charge — forever — now).  It’s different.  I’m following a video tutorial from the Microsoft website.  It’s helping me to learn the interface a little while I go.

School is going just great.  I’ve got the majority of my essays either completed or near completion.  I’ve got one more two page essay to write and I’ll be done with all my essays (minus the final essays).  I need to finish one more lab in the computer class (I don’t have Microsoft Access here, so I have to use it there).  I have one more assignment for the Economics class.  Other than that, I’m done I believe.  The computer essay was easier than I thought.

I shot my rocket twice today.  We was afraid the wind was going to knock it off onto a roof.  It did fine though, the wind wasn’t too bad.  I’ve got three more rocket engines, they should be pretty fun to shoot on another day.

I hate bugs.  There’s some sort of jumping insect wandering around my room (it looks so much like a mix between a spider and a grasshopper, but I don’t think it is one).  I’ve killed several of them this year already.  This is the only one that’s jumped away though.  Earlier tonight I killed another 1-2 inch spider.  He was crawling on the wall.  Was.

I’ve not listened to as much here lately (been listening to the Night Watch or some other worship station).  I’ve heard a new artist on the other day though, called “Red”.  The song, “Breath Into Me” is a very good.  Check them out.

I guess that’s enough over viewing for tonight.

Brief Overview of Operating Systems

I'm not sure this will help anyone, but I wrote another essay for one of my classes. It's such a waste to write them and never use them again. Hopefully someonewill find something useful in it. I've not turned it in yet or anything. The last one I wrote had a user who was helped by it. I didn't do any proof reading. Not everything is documented because 90% or so I just wrote from my own knowledge (there could be some errors?). Here's an excerpt:

The computer operating system world is massive with hundreds of flavors, yet small at the same time with only three popular – or at least recognizable – systems: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS (mainly X today). While there are many different types of operating systems, they are all used – often times at least two operating systems are interacting with users each day, much of the time behind the scene. There are two major client-focused operating systems: Windows and MacOS.

Also note, I'm somewhat biased towards Windows and Linux as those are the two operating systems I use.

Click here to read a "Brief Overview of Operating Systems".

Goings On

I’ve not really posted much about what’s going on with me lately, so here I go I ‘spose.

School is actually kind of lame (and getting lamer by the day).  Essays, I’m okay with — as long as it’s not about literature.  That’s some of the lamest stuff I’ve ever heard of.  Just something I’ll have to try to manage to get through.  I’ve always been a B student in English, but this class may push me to a C.  Hopefully not, but I don’t know.  The two classes I enjoy are on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, which is Economics and “the computer class” (that’s boring as I know most of it, it’s in front of a computer though … so, not all bad, GMail with GTalk is great for that class).

E-Blah has been going pretty good the past month.  I’ve started working on version 9.75 (don’t ever ask me how I’ve numbered E-Blah, as I still don’t know).  There’s a lot of new things that I’ve implemented just over the past six months that from version 9.2 to 9.75 makes it feel almost like a brand new system.  I just enjoy seeing people get it and see that what they’ve wanted all this time is finally there.  The moderator team there has been pretty stable as well, those are some of the best support guys any company could ever have (anyone who’s got support from them can atest to it). lately all I’ve been working on with is the Church Broadcast (or “sermon”) section.  I’ve added several new features with a few more planned in the next few days.  I’m actually hoping that we can expand and grow and offer a few more services for churches and other Christians “areas of interest” (whatever that’s supposed to mean).  Either way, hopefully Tim and I can get something going that pumps it up from being “just a sermon site”.  Ah, and I’m hoping to allow a few more churches to join in the next few days (with the approval of the server admin — Tim).

Church is going great.  More and more things are coming in and it’s just awesome.  The projector is now working, which is what I like to do.  I’ve been spending several hours lately trying to find some things to make things better software wise.  Overflow (band is coming from Wetumpka) is Saturday and prayer walk is Sunday at 10am.  The sad thing is, I’ll have to cut both events short as my sister is in the city wide pagent and on Sunday morning my other church is going to need me (my mom said).  I’ll probably get to stay at Overflow for an hour or two, and then I’ll probably get to go to the first 45 minutes of the prayer walk … at least I’m hoping.  Now I just need to figure out which one I’m more ready to go to (hmmm) …

There’s other things I could talk about, but none of it’s that important.  I’ve not been as focused on many other things here lately.  I guess something that does deserve mention, I’ve gotton back into playing Enemy Territory (the free multiplayer FPS World War II game).  Now it’s an “older” game, so I can max out all the settings with my computer and it has no slow downs.  There’s still hundreds of users playing the game too, that’s what makes it all the more great (and it’s free).  That and Age of Empires III are the only games I have installed (I believe).  Both are relatively clean games, so that’s a plus with me now (actually, I wouldn’t mind burning a few of my old games).

With the Bible on Radio podcasts, I’ve been going through the book of Numbers.  I’ve really enjoyed a lot of it (minus the parts I skip — the census numbers, for instance).  There’s a lot of good teaching in Numbers though.  A lot of good discussion topics too!

I’m going to start building people up and encouraging them more.  I think sometimes we can have friends that are really close, but yet we also pull them down sometimes by joking with them (when it may be something they can’t handle).  A good example is, for instance, joking with a friend about their weight.  The person could be skinny as a stick (and even if they aren’t), but saying they “really big” may not exactly be helping them.  I think it’s based on the person though, too.  Some people take things in stride, while some people wallow in them and believe everything and take it to heart.  Other times, I think that some of the words are friends say are taken the wrong way (especially if that person is going through depression or feeling worthless).  Point being, we should all be encouragers.

Blog Updates

I wanted to post a little about some blog changes, so here they are.

I’ve recently updated the theme and layout of the blog so that it looks a little better and a little less plain.  I’ve updated several of the individual pages also (such as the “About Me” page).  I’ve also tried to do a few things to make the blog more search engine friendly.  I plan on all the upcoming posts to be centralized on a topic instead of having three or four topics in one post — which is easier for me, but harder for search engines and the readers.  I’ve changed the name from “What Comes Next?” to “Revolution Reality”, which is the name of the domain, so now it matches!  I’ve started adding more “categories” which should make items easier for people to search for if they have specific topics they want to find (also it’s more search engine friendly).  Finally, I’ve added “Currently Listening To” and “Recommended Reading” on the block to the right side of each main blog page.  These two sections will have updated music that I listen to, and I’ll add books I recommend to the reading section.  I may expand this and review individual CD’s and books on entries and add a link to those posts instead of iTunes (music) and Amazon (books).  Also note that I added the Bible I read to that list.  I recommend everyone check those two lists out for good books and music.

So those are the new changes (and possibly a few others I forgot).