The Life of Change … without Complaining!

On Friday I painted. Needless to say, my room is very different. I got a bluish paint. Since I had to move just about everything in my room around, I decided to also rearrange my room. I changed where my bed and chair is. I now have more room (or it seems that way, not sure if I really do). Here are some pictures of the "new look":

My Room My Room My Room

I like the paint color. I wasn't that sure I would like it as much as I do.

Last week, I went to a movie with my brother and two cousins. We saw Ice Age 2. It was pretty good. It was the first movie I've saw in theaters since Narnia back in January. I'm positive I've not missed much with staying at home (and not going to movies). So far the only other movie I'd like to see this year is Cars. From the previews I've saw, there's really not much coming out of Hollywood worth spending the time to watch (much less the money). I try to support the movies that are actually okay and would like to see more of, though.

The parents got Narnia on Tuesday. I watched it again (it was either the fourth or fifth time). Why can't authors make a story thatgood anymore? Narnia and Lord of the Rings have been the best movies of my lifetime — hands down. The funny thing is, out of all the movies nominated for "best picture" last year, Narnia got more money than all of them (and wasn't even nominated). Something to think about. It was the first movie I've ever seen that still had a slightly-crowded theater — a month after it's release.

Jumping subjects: complaining is bad. Over the past few weeks, I've observed several people complain over just anything. From the stupid little things (ie: food) to the big things (ie: cars). Oddly enough, my Bible reading went through Numbers. The Israelites complained to the Lord about their hardships after the Lord had brought them out of Egypt. Because of this Numbers says, "his [The Lords] anger blazed against them" (Numbers 11:1). The Lord burned the outside of the camp because of their complaining (until Moses prayed to the Lord for it to stop). Later they complained about the manna that God was providing them. So, in Numbers 11:18-20the Lord said to Moses to tell the people that He would give them meat to eat for an entire month — until they were very sick of it. They didn't put their trust in God. They were, in essence, telling God that they knew better, when in reality God knew that they were better off trusting in Him (and that he would provide for them). They weren't thankful for what God had done for them. This makes me wonder: how many times do I complain instead of just being thankful for what God has given to me. Throughout the book of Numbers the Israelites stop trusting in God. How many times do I stop trusting God? God told the Israelites the land of Canaan was theirs, yet only two of the twelve scouts that went to the land trusted that God had given it to them and they, through the help of God, could conquer it.

God has given us things (food, places to live, families, etc) — but so many times, we aren't thankful and do not trustGod's leading in our life. I think that the way we can trust God more is to pray and fast. By reading and praying the Word. I believe can help us trust God more. Looking back at what God has already done for us can help us look forward to what more God wants to give us, and to trust in Him. When we're depressed about something, perhaps if we THANKGod for what he has already done for us, instead of complaining to Him about where we are, we'll learn to trust Him more. When we trust Him, then He'll be able to lead and guide us to where He wants us to go.

A few more tidbits before I go …

I added the podcasts that I recommend (and listen to), to the side of my blog now. I recommend everyone to listen to them. I got the older CD by Misty Edwards, "Eternity". It's good, and I recommend it (it's on my recommended list for a reason). Also, I recommend the new Passion album, "Everything Glorious".

… and now I must go.

End of Another Day

This has been a diffrent Sunday. We went to a diffrent church for church tonight. I really wasn’t in the mood, truth be told, before I went. I had just woke up from a 30 minute nap (wow, it was nice too), and I just didn’t want to run into people who I knew was there just to play around (that really irks me sometimes). I was in for a surprise though. Truth be told, I could tell that most, if not all, of the people there were there for one reason: worshiping GOD. When I first walked in there was prayer going on. Now, I’m thinking it’s going to just be a non-focused prayer, but I was wrong. On the projector was things to pray for, and on the “Prayer Wall” was things that needed prayer. Written in nice permanent sharpie marker, there was a huge need for breaking addictions within the city. These were further broken down with four addictions (sex, drugs, making people happy, and one I forgot). This was well thought out. I was surprised at just how everything was run. In all probably 20 to 30 people were there. In fact, I think I counted 9 females and 7 males total, so it wasn’t many. Basically it was awesome.

I don’t go to church on Wednesday, so I might think about going there, but I really don’t want to go there alone (hmm, I feel uncomfortable in small groups). Sometimes maybe I should just step out and not worry about anything.

On a simular subject. I’ve been praying to be more humble and less prideful. Sometimes it feels like I do things just to try to get noticed (which the problem is, I’ve never been this way). I don’t want to be prideful and think I’m better than other people though, that’s wrong and not right. We are all created in God’s image. Sometimes — most times — it’s truely a battle with my mind and heart. I truely want what God want’s for me, but sometimes it’s like everything is just lost. Everything is just lost in something. I’m not really confused (or maybe I am), I just want to know what to do.

There’s a new book out by Ron Luce called Battle Cry for a Generation, and it talks about how IMPORTANT it is to start reaching this generation. The book is targeted to more of an adult audience or youth pastors and leaders (more and more I find myself filling those spots), but I believe the book is a must read for everyone currently living and breathing right now. The book is awesome thus far. I got the book yesterday and read 100 pages yesterday, I plan to finish it soon.

I’ve decided to post two more pictures from Colorado. The first one is another shot, from my sisters camera, of Desperations last night. The one on the right is of Pikes Peak. It was taken with my sisters cam as well, inside the van (tinted windows) so that’s why it looks hazy. Can you tell we’re not professionals?

Click to expand Click to expand

Well, work starts early, so I need to get off and go to bed. It’s been a good day, and now I need the rest for another good day.


Awesomeness. Anyone who’s talked to me online knows I like that word … so, the question, what’s in a word?

Something that I found really awesome at Desperation was a song. I only remember a few of the lyrics. Some of them were: My Savior, Redeemer, My Father, along with a few other names; these names are who God is. I believe this is something we need to remember. This is something we need to learn to say to both God and ourselves. We need to say, to pray, who God is, what His name means. We need to know who God is. He’s all of those things, and should be so much more. Sometimes other things can get in the way of us seeing who He really is. The Bible uses various words to describe who God is, for instance, Jehovah Jireh, which means the Lord will provide (see this page for more names). I believe we need to know these to understand and know who God is, as these names provide us with more on God’s character. These aren’t just names, it is who God is.

Anyway, I’m cutting this entry short. I’ve recently been overcoming a sickness, earlier in the week they were bad, now I just have a cough and pretty much, symptoms of a mild common cold. I’ve decided to post this really awesome shot my mom got while I was driving into Colorado on Wednesday night. The picture to the right is of the last day of Desperation. It was taken durring the praise and worship part of the service. My sister took it, and then made it really bright so you can see it (the flash doesn’t do good with the stage lights on our cameras).

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As you can see, the sun was going down, and the view was just awesome. One thing I missed while I was out there was a mountain shot of the Springs. It would have been boring anyway, without the snow and all. I plan on going back out there sometime, so I’ll be sure to grab one them.