Awesomeness. Anyone who’s talked to me online knows I like that word … so, the question, what’s in a word?

Something that I found really awesome at Desperation was a song. I only remember a few of the lyrics. Some of them were: My Savior, Redeemer, My Father, along with a few other names; these names are who God is. I believe this is something we need to remember. This is something we need to learn to say to both God and ourselves. We need to say, to pray, who God is, what His name means. We need to know who God is. He’s all of those things, and should be so much more. Sometimes other things can get in the way of us seeing who He really is. The Bible uses various words to describe who God is, for instance, Jehovah Jireh, which means the Lord will provide (see this page for more names). I believe we need to know these to understand and know who God is, as these names provide us with more on God’s character. These aren’t just names, it is who God is.

Anyway, I’m cutting this entry short. I’ve recently been overcoming a sickness, earlier in the week they were bad, now I just have a cough and pretty much, symptoms of a mild common cold. I’ve decided to post this really awesome shot my mom got while I was driving into Colorado on Wednesday night. The picture to the right is of the last day of Desperation. It was taken durring the praise and worship part of the service. My sister took it, and then made it really bright so you can see it (the flash doesn’t do good with the stage lights on our cameras).

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As you can see, the sun was going down, and the view was just awesome. One thing I missed while I was out there was a mountain shot of the Springs. It would have been boring anyway, without the snow and all. I plan on going back out there sometime, so I’ll be sure to grab one them.