End of Another Day

This has been a diffrent Sunday. We went to a diffrent church for church tonight. I really wasn’t in the mood, truth be told, before I went. I had just woke up from a 30 minute nap (wow, it was nice too), and I just didn’t want to run into people who I knew was there just to play around (that really irks me sometimes). I was in for a surprise though. Truth be told, I could tell that most, if not all, of the people there were there for one reason: worshiping GOD. When I first walked in there was prayer going on. Now, I’m thinking it’s going to just be a non-focused prayer, but I was wrong. On the projector was things to pray for, and on the “Prayer Wall” was things that needed prayer. Written in nice permanent sharpie marker, there was a huge need for breaking addictions within the city. These were further broken down with four addictions (sex, drugs, making people happy, and one I forgot). This was well thought out. I was surprised at just how everything was run. In all probably 20 to 30 people were there. In fact, I think I counted 9 females and 7 males total, so it wasn’t many. Basically it was awesome.

I don’t go to church on Wednesday, so I might think about going there, but I really don’t want to go there alone (hmm, I feel uncomfortable in small groups). Sometimes maybe I should just step out and not worry about anything.

On a simular subject. I’ve been praying to be more humble and less prideful. Sometimes it feels like I do things just to try to get noticed (which the problem is, I’ve never been this way). I don’t want to be prideful and think I’m better than other people though, that’s wrong and not right. We are all created in God’s image. Sometimes — most times — it’s truely a battle with my mind and heart. I truely want what God want’s for me, but sometimes it’s like everything is just lost. Everything is just lost in something. I’m not really confused (or maybe I am), I just want to know what to do.

There’s a new book out by Ron Luce called Battle Cry for a Generation, and it talks about how IMPORTANT it is to start reaching this generation. The book is targeted to more of an adult audience or youth pastors and leaders (more and more I find myself filling those spots), but I believe the book is a must read for everyone currently living and breathing right now. The book is awesome thus far. I got the book yesterday and read 100 pages yesterday, I plan to finish it soon.

I’ve decided to post two more pictures from Colorado. The first one is another shot, from my sisters camera, of Desperations last night. The one on the right is of Pikes Peak. It was taken with my sisters cam as well, inside the van (tinted windows) so that’s why it looks hazy. Can you tell we’re not professionals?

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Well, work starts early, so I need to get off and go to bed. It’s been a good day, and now I need the rest for another good day.