Short and Sweet

I don’t have that much to talk about tonight. It can really all be summed up in one word: tired. I’m very tired. I didn’t get in the bed last night until almost 11:00PM (and probably didn’t fall alseep until after).

Fox News had a tiny story today about a Christian Punk Church. They had both the guy who led it, and someone who runs Summit Ministries. Now first thing, I want to analyze this. Lets just say for an instance I don’t have a side. If I watch this clip and see both sides (which I saw), I’ll see both sides appear to really be seeking God. There are some things in the Bible about judging, however. I, for one, do not care for “televangilists”, I never really have and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. However, just because I believe one is wrong, I’m not going to judge them and say they’re not Christians (one side of this was to the effect of: “christians should not have rock music in their church”).

Why is rock music evil and hymns and modern worship “okay”? All of the hymns in churches (what few are left) were written by sinners (Christian or not). The beat, the music, had to come from somewhere (no one can say it doesn’t have rythm and beat). I believe that as time changes, things will change, just like as you grow older you grow out of toys. I believe that what those opposed to rock music in the church are saying is that they want us, as a generation, to find “other music” that we can’t relate to and that we CANNOT worship God in.

To further reiterate my point — someone once said to me that they don’t want to go to heaven because they go to church and they just don’t like “worshipping” God. While that argument is a bad argument, I can understand why they say that (to an extent). When I truly get into worship, there really is no other place I’d rather be. So many, sadly, have not been in true worship.

What is worship and what is religion? What is judgement and what is devine discernment? These need addressing.

Above All the Others

The day was long, the night was warm. It’s 9:50PM, offically I have 10 minutes to edit my blog, unoffically I’ll be here until after that time. Today was just awesome. The past three days or so have been awesome though. I’m not sure why, but I think there are a few things I need to address in my life as of late. One of those being *gasp* girls. I spend so much time wishing I had a girlfriend, or wishing I could go out with this or that girl, that sometimes I think I overlook what I need right now. Truth be told, I don’t want to marry when I’m older than 24 or 25. I’m hoping I find the one for me marry before then, of course that’s all in God’s hands (hard as that may sometimes be). I have known for a while now that I need to give this up, but I just want a relationship. I just need a good friend right now too. Sometimes I think I spend too much energy trying to find the one, when I need to just lay it down and let God handle it. I’ve given God my list, God knows who I want. I’m believing He’ll give me just what I want. In fact, I know He will. I’m posting my list in this post because this is exactly who I want in my next girlfriend, my wife.

My Future Wife:


  1. Must be a Christian.

    1. Loves Christ with all her heart.
    2. Means what she says when she says she’s a Christian.
    3. Good morals (ie: no premarital sex)
  2. Loves everyone and holds nothing against anyone (does not bitterness in her heart against people).
  3. Does not care for the things of the world, which includes:
    1. Music
    2. TV (ie: shows where they talk about nothing but sex, and have nothing but profanity)
    3. Drugs
  4. Respect:
    1. Respects those in authority, and everyone she’s around.
    2. Respects me, as I respect her.
    3. Respects HERSELF in her clothing, speech, etc.
  5. Not jealous of anyone.
  6. Doesn’t mind moving to other states, and such (obviously after marriage).
  7. MUST NOT be manipulative (this would be tied into the others also).

Amoung other happy news … I’m happy! I don’t know why I’m happy. It’s not like I’m never happy, but for some reason I’m just happy. It’s diffrent, but awesome. God’s awesome. What’s so awesome is that Jesus died for me because he loved me. He LOVED me! You know sometimes we can push things out of the way and try to not worry or think about them, and when we do that it’s like trying to hide something that’s just not there. It’s like knowing it’s there, but not attending to it. This can be anything, even sins. A sin, purhaps, we don’t want God to know about so we push it out of our mind to try to make God think it’s not there. I know I’m guilty of it. I don’t want to be like that anymore though. I’ve pretty much always been straight up with people. If something looks good I’ll tell them it looks good. If I have something that’s bothering me, I’ll be straight up and tell them. Purhaps, though, just purhaps, I tell everyone else but never tell God those things, and He wants to know those things (much more than the people I tell also).

I was reading this awesome morning about a church not too far from here that made me jealous. Jealous because that’s what I want. So many, so very many, things are happening there. The city sounds just like ours too (a little diffrent, of course). There are drug problems, the works. There church (which is really just a youth group on Tuesdays and Saturdays) is growing. Over 700 people (if I read right). It’s what I want for this area. I’ve asked God why can’t we have that here … and I’m expecting an answer. I think, maybe, that I saw it elsewhere (Colorado Springs) that I’ve been blinded (is that the right word), and I’ve had this mindset that it just cannot happen here. This place is so religious. What, though, what if that wasn’t so much a bad thing for once? What if that is how people start coming? Our generation is searching for something diffrent. We’re tired of the same old same old. We want something real.

Your loves like candy! You take me places that I never dreamed I could go. God is so awesome, things in my life that I never imagined could happen — have happened. God has taken me farther than I could have ever imagined. I can only guess where I would be at if God hadn’t come in (and focusing on that really doesn’t accomplish anything).

My Life on Sunday

This week has been pretty good. I didn’t do much yesterday but I made up for it today. I updated the server today. Nearly all of the software titles running on the server has went through a very extensive upgrade. It’s been about a year since I’ve spent that amount of time on the server. This comes along with a little fix (I hope it fixed it) I did on Friday with the servers keep alives.

This morning I got up at 9:20. That’s not good. I had just enough time to eat me leftover pancakes (made them yesterday) and take a quick shower. We were late to church by about 3 minutes, so I guess it was pretty good. I should get up at that time every Sunday morning, actually … well … maybe not.

Tomorrow work resumes. I love my job. I thank God for it, it’s what I like doing and everything. I’m starting to get a little more talkative I believe. I’ll be in infrastructure for another day (Monday), and then I’ll be back at the circle (ACSC). I like working at the circle. Infrastructure is nice, but I really like ACSC the best. I just enjoy working there.

Today I called Jonathan, whom I haven’t talked to in probably about two to three weeks. He’s been working and busy, so I can see why he’s not been online much. He’ll be a senior this year, school starts an early August 8th for him.

One of the best CD’s of this year will be out soon! Thousand Foot Krutchs’ new CD comes out Tuesday. I’ve already preordered it … and I’m so ready for it to come out. I’ve been listening to the seven songs they’ve released over and over for the past few days. It’ll be nice to know all the lyrics and listen to the rest of the CD. I hope to get it by the end of the week … it’d be nice if it came soon.

I need to get in the bed.

Just Smile and Wave

Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave. Of course, that’s yet another quote from something I heard today. I went with the family to watch Madagascar. Overall it was a pretty good movie. It was obviously geared towards a younger audience, but I enjoyed it.

Today I went out to help troubleshoot a building on base. This time the DHCP server had run out of IP addresses for this particular area, so we had to call around and try to get some of them free so we could use some of those IP addresses. It was something to do. I used a Link Runner today. Those things are so nice, just hook ’em up and then find where the cable is your trying to find by listening for the signal in the closet. Quick and easy, quick and easy.

I believe, though, I’m going to go ahead and camp out for the night. I’m tired and been busy nearly from the time I got home from the movie. So, here I go: to bed.

Breathe You In

Wow, I’ve not posted since Sunday. So this might be a long post, might not. A lot of things have happened this week.

First, the title of this entry is from a new song off of the new Thousand Foot Krutch albulm, The Art of Breaking.

I’ve always been strong
But I can’t make this happen,
’cause I need to breath,
I wanna breath You in,
a fear of becoming,
so tired of running,
’cause I need to breath,
I wanna breath You in

That’s some lyrics. I love the lyrics, so awesome. One of the great more worship oriented songs out there. That’s the song of my heart right now. I just want to breath Him in. Anyway, the CD comes out Tuesday, and I hope to get it by Friday (I pre-ordered it).

Today was diffrent at work …. I did a few things (not that that’s diffrent), but it took about the same ammount of time I had nothing to do. I went and watched a DSL router/modem be installed. I got to see inside the phone area (where all the phone cables on base go) … that was pretty cool. So, so many wires. And these aren’t cables — these are thin wires all over the place. Then you have cat 5 and fiber all over the place. It looked very complicated, but it seemed the lady working there knew what she was doing.

Later today I went to another building and got to see a switch that had lost it’s OS (fun stuff right there), and we had to go upstairs and copy the OS from it’s memory to a PCMCIA, then copy it to the other switch. I got to enter a few commands (wow, hands on), and then we left and it was about time for me to leave.

It was raining pretty bad this morning when I got in to work, it poured right before I got to work, so I was soaked when I got inside. Tomorrow is “lax” day, which is where I can wear jeans basically, so I’ll wear me some jeans. Yeah, it looked pretty bad with soaked khakis walking in to work. They dry quick, though, so it’s all good.

It’s just a little less than two weeks until Colorado. Wait … I mean, there is LESS than TWO weeks until COLORADO!!!! Okay, a little excited: yeah. Three years is too long, far too long. I’ll be in a big city with two Best Buys and a (gasp) CompUSA once again. It’s been too long, too long.

I’ve been reading a lot of news at work, as I always do, and I have found several really cool things, one of which is a cool keyboard that let’s you change what each key is. Why it took this long for someone to think of this: I don’t know. I just wonder how much it’ll cost and when I can get me one (if it’s good as I hope it is).

Well, I believe I’m going to try to go ahead and get in the bed. I’ve been going to bed a little late, and getting up far, far too early. So I’m going to go ahead and fall out I guess.


Life is but a whisper, but does that mean we have to whisper? Live life loud. I want to be real. As with every post, I’m just going to post whatever comes to my mind and my heart.

Life is but an instance, but yet it can seem so long sometimes. We’re not promised today, nor are we tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. In as quick an instance as we come from our mothers womb is as quickly as life can be taken away. It’s so sad when I meet people who aren’t really worried about life. Life cound end today — where would we be? Sometimes we “sugar-coat” the place of suffering by saying it’s “the bad place”. There are many bad places here, and compared to hell it’s nothing like the areas we encounter here. I want so desprately to see the people of America turn their hearts towards God. I see so, oh so, many people who go to church that live just like everyone else. So many people claim Christianity (almost 80% do, to be exact), but yet so many act so worldly. I’m not judging them, but aren’t we caled to live to an higher standard? Justifying things we know are wrong just because they “feel” fun … is that really right living? It breaks my heart to see people stray away from the arms of a God who loves them beyond compare.

Investigate my life,
and make me clean

Awesome lyrics by Delirious.

So where do we go from here? After we fall in love with someone, don’t we pursue them? Why don’t we pursue Christ like that? I definatly don’t pursue God like I want, should, or need to. I say I’m bored all the time, yet I never seem to be able to just find that time for Christ. It’s something I need to work on.

Moving right along …

I’ll be going to Colorado Springs, CO at the end of the month. I’ll be leaving on July 27th and I’ll get back on August 2nd. We’re leaving to go to Desperation ’05, it should be awesome. It’s at my old church, New Life, and will last 2 full days, 3 nights. I hope to really just fall in deeper love with Christ while I’m there. The entire time I’m there, I should be at the church, pretty much, so that’ll be just as awesome.

Tomorrow is another work week. I believe I’ll be going into the ghosting area next week, but I’m really not sure where I’ll be at. So far I liked what I did last week the best, I had something to do and all. Last Friday I got my first paycheck I’ve ever got in my life. So that’ll be the start of my college fund, I guess, lol.

I went to bed at 3:00 last night, for some reason. It’s the latest I’ve stayed up … since I don’t know when. I’ve been getting a MySpace account up. I’ve had the account for a while, just never done anything with it (I really hate MySpace, lol). So anyone who wants to can go check it out. 😛

It’s that time again … the time of the entry where … I leave.

14 Hours

Somewhere between 12 and 14 hours came chatting.

Life. When you go to the store, do you think about life? Do you see a husband yelling at his wife? Do you just look away, or is your heart filled with compassion? When you’re standing in line ready to pay for your “stuff” do you look at the others standing with you and see them like Christ, and filled with compassion for them? I know when I’m anywhere, I just look at people like there’s nothing wrong … but what if who you’re looking at is so broken, they just want to die? I see people daily, but what if they’re the ones I should be witnessing to. Am I witnessing to them? Am I loving them like I should? Hell is such a real place, yet when I see people, I never think of the torment they might encounter when they die because they may not know Jesus. Sometimes I don’t do the things that I want to do. Anyway, just food for thought.

6:30 AM — it came, it rang, I was awoke.

Tonight I’ve not done much, heck, I’ve not done much the entire day. I woke up around 1PM, and then I got something to eat at around 1:30/2ish … then I did nothing the rest of the day but bummed in front of the ‘puter. I thought about gaming a little, but traded it for listening to the latest church service from New Life Church. It was on Hell. Pretty good teaching, the last 10 minutes defined the entire message. That was the best 1-hour time span I allotted to my 12 hours of being continuously awake.

So, whatever happed at 6:30, now yesterday, morning? Well, Emma woke me up with MSN. See, I went to bed at around 10ish last night, as I was just so tired, therefore I didn’t turn my away message on or set MSN to “Busy”, so I could still get sounds. When I got to my computer Emma was on. She had her webcam, so we had a nice little webcam chat, lol.

It’s time for me to end the blog for tonight. I’m gone!