New Way To Be Human

Another day in the life of me. Exciting, huh?

Scho … wait, I ain’t in school yet. Work, ah work, was pretty good today. It was so much warmer in there … actually, it was my jacket that we helping keep me warm, but that’s besides the point. The military had the day off today because of the 4th of July things going on, so I had nothing to do — as did the other guys I work with. At about 1:40PM or so, we all being bored, decided to play boxball. If you don’t know what the office game, boxball is, then keep reading. 🙂 You get this box, a Cat 6 network cable box, to be exact, and then set it with the hole upright. Then you get 4 balls that are all diffrent types (like some bounce … and then some don’t — like the hacky sac), you get those balls and try to make the really small hole at the top of the box. I never mad it, but I didn’t play much — I just watched the other 5 to 7 people do it. I think 9 people did it in all or something. Pretty cool. We played it for … oh … about 40 minutes. And then it went back to boredom. But hey, it was 2:20, and that meant 30 more minutes and I was out of there. I got in early, so I left early.

I got home … didn’t do much … we left to go back to Montgomery at around 5:40 or so. The reason? Star Wars was showing on the base theater. It’s cheaper, and hey, what else did I have to do? Exactly. It was just as good the second time … just as sad too, though. I went with my dad and brother, Jonathan.

Tomorrow I’m probably going to Montgomery again to watch War of the Worlds. I’m not sure who I’m going with yet, though. But what’s new there?

It’s July 1st … wait, it’s almost July 2nd … either way, it’s July now. Just 2 days until our fine nations independence day. Before the movie tonight they ran our National Anthem (as it’s an Air Force Base). The hair on my arms always raises when I hear it. I just can’t comprehend what those people did while the British were attacking Fort McHenry. And a guy, Francis Scott Key, who was opposed to the war wrote some of the most powerful lyrics ever written about a nation — in what’s now our nations anthem.

And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

If that flag had fallen, our nation would have fallen, and all that is today would not be. Our troops, our founding fathers, they deserve are respect and admeration this 4th of July. Parents lost their children then, but they were proud. They fought until they died to create, the protect, to keep this nation from the oppression it left. They fought so we could be free — and our flag, our banner, it waves.

I’m struggling to keep my eyes open, so I think I need to head on bed.