I Want to Know You

Sometimes life can get hard, sometimes things just don’t go your way. That’s the time we need to press into God. I’ll be the first to admit that isn’t the (first) thing I do at all times, I’m just stating what I need to do in those times (like yesterday).

This weekend Jonathan Robinson is going to come over, and we’re going to play some games and go out to movies and just hang out. He’s been busy with work here lately to do anything. School has started for Elmore county, so he’s got to trim work back a little.

Today at work I was cold again, but it was better than yesterday (I think). I’m taking me a jacket tomorrow (I meant to bring it today, actually). Speaking of work, I might, indeed, get to stay working there. There are cases that I could keep working there (it’s only every Friday anyway, so it wouldn’t really be part time).

I went to AUM today to pay for tuition and all. I did not have a student ID, so I picked me up one today. It’s just a card with a picture, name, and major on it. It’s not that special, but I still thought it was cool. I really, truely, can’t believe I’m in college.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, I don’t know if I’ll go to that chuch. I probably should give it a name since I’ve been talking about it, Living Waters Worship Center. I want to, but I just don’t know if I’d feel comfortable there alone. The whole church reminded me of something so familiar though — my old cell group. When I went there I really was alone, I met the guy, Micheal, in a chatroom who had invited me (true story, of course). I might go though, I’ll just wait and see what tomorrow brings.

I’ve found one of the useful things on my iPod is shuffle. I’m sitting on my bed right now with the Worship genre being shuffled. It’s very cool. If I don’t like one I just hit next and it’s out of the way.

Okay, I’m rambling now because I’m out of stuffs to really talk about.

There’s one thing that I’ve found that sometimes can make you do something dumb: a loss. I’m not talking about like the loss of a $20 bill, I’m talking about the loss of a friend or someone very close to you. People will do things they normally wouldn’t do. Things, material things, no longer have any importance. Food, even, loses it’s appeal. I’ve saw this happen countless times. Studies have even been done, and the term heart break really is true — it can litterally put more stress on your heart. When I see what others go through, and hear the pain in their voice, it sometimes litterally puts tears to my eyes. I think of the missing girl in Aruba and what her mom has done. I can’t say I would handle things diffrently, personally, I might would handle worse. I believe we need to have compassion on these people, they are hurting. Sometimes we need to weep for them, and cry out to God to help them through their time. When we cry out to God though, if there’s something we can do to help, we do it. The Word says (James 2:14-26) that we need to do this. I’m sure I’ve not been there for someone when I could have before, but it’s something we all need to strive against doing.

Wow, I’m going to get done with this right at 10:00 tonight. That’s a first!

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