I Need You – The Brief Summary

Ah, another time to write in my blog. This past week has been pretty awesome. I’ve started classes (I think I’ve said this twice though). I got the syllabus for my new English class (English Comp 1), and all I can say is … I’m confused as to what the “homework” is (or was). I e-mailed the teacher, but she just said “See you monday” (hmm … and I asked her a few questiones, lol). I’ll see Monday I guess as to what I’m suppose to do … and sit. I worry too much sometimes — I think it has something to do with nervousness though.

Moving right along … I’ve been programming a little this week on E-Blah. I mainly fixed several bugs that were still lingering around. I’ve worked so hard on that peice of software … I can’t believe it is where it is today. That’s another story though, I guess.

Over these past few nights I’ve not gone to bed until 3AM, as I’ve been having some pretty good discussions with Sarah. Very good discussions actually. That’s about the main thing really interesting happening in my life right now, and I’ve already talked about the main stuff (the stuff I’m going to share) in the other entry. So …. I’ll talk about my classes again.

My first class is music appreciation. So far it’s boring. Very boring. I’m trying to keep it together, but sometimes I have to try to find something to entertain my brain. The music is actually alright (although I’m not that fond of classical), but the reading and trying to follow along — that doesn’t seem to be happening.

My second class is english, and I’ve already discussed that in this entry.

My third class is math. I’ve always liked math (recently anyway), and this one seems like I’m going to enjoy it. I’m a little confused on parts though … over all though, the teacher seems like she’s a good teacher. I enjoy listening to her teach (even though her native language doesn’t appear to be English).

My last class is American Government. Thus far it’s been alright, but it’s not something I’m jumping around excited to be a part of, but as the class gets underway and there are discussions I’ll probably like it (although I’m going to hate it if I’m the only one with certain views in there).

On Thursday Mrs. Nichole came over and I helped her transfer over some stuff from her old computer to her new one, which is always fun. I also setup a few things on her new computer. I’ve since got on it (over the internet) and removed Norton because she had Avast (which is free). Now she’s all good to go I think.

Also on Thursday, the pastor from LWWC, Chris, came over to our house. The visit was very good, and various things were shared and it was just an awesome time. I don’t know what all will happen — other than I’m still going to be going there on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I love the people there and the teachings, very diffrent from my norm, which I hope will help me grow more in Christ. I’ve really enjoyed verything there thus far, and it’s reminded me so much of the cell group I left in Colorado. I believe God’s got a ton in store for them over there.

Now for my home church (Sunday mornings). I’m not sure if I posted anything on this, but I started doing the projections (via the computer) for the time being. Last week was my first time (and tomorrow … today … will be my second). It went great on Sunday, and I believe most people followed along better (as the scriptures was also put on the screen as he quoted them). I’ll be taking my laptop up there for that, and then copy the songs they use from the churches computer durring Sunday school, which is fine for me. I’m hoping there will be a change there soon. That’s another subject, and I’m not going to post anything on that at the moment.

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  1. Oh, don’t you just love it when people are mysteriously vague? Sigh…well, I figured I’d comment since I registered and all…hee hee. And the whole church thing will work out beautifully, no worries. And, for anyone else who reads this, I’m the mystery girl! Woot!

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