The Perfect Fit

So, it’s been a while since I last wrote in this thing. A lot has happened since my last entry. Where should I start? Let’s start with work, ah work.

First things first, it doesn’t appear that I’ll go back to work at Maxwell until later, purhaps over Christmas break. I went to see my old teacher, Mr. Spivey, and he’s called and said he’s found me a job. I’ve yet to call the guy who does have the job, but I will sometime tomorrow.

On to other things. School has been alright, I’ve written an essay and done a lot of math homework, but other than that I’m pretty good. Oh, I’ve also had to read some text out of the books.

Hurricane Katrina seriously messed up a lot of our countries structure. It seems a lot of things are going on here lately. While I’m looking at all of it, I’m seeing how much grace God has truely given us over the past decades, yet we’ve taken it for granted each and every time. We have sin and lawlessness abounding in our country (with the murder of unborn babies, the acceptance of homosexuality, and other very detestable sins), yet we still love to say “God has blessed us”. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that we can be blessed by God; but we can’t bless God? You know, when you have someone giving you blessings, aren’t you kind of asking to be blessed in return (like you’re friends with someone — you’re both blessing each other by your friendship). So why is it this way with God? Why must he bless us, but blessing him is off limits? Why is it okay to say “God Bless America” yet we’re doing nothing to bless the God we just asked to bless America? I truely believe the “blessings” we’re getting are the benifits from the hard work, prayer, and sacrifice our forefathers gave for our country. At the time you had to depend on a priest to tell you what the Bible said. If you tried to say something against what a priest said, you were cursed and killed for such beliefs. William Tyndall, one of the translators of our modern English Bible was killed for translating the book we read today and take for granted. Historical documents are now taken out of context of our American history. The forefathers all but forgotton — all we remember is they were a part of founding this nation. Yet if it wasn’t for the price they paid we’d still be under the oppression of other countries, of other people. We’d not have the freedoms that everyone today loves to abuse. While sure, God doesn’t make bad things happen, he can allow them to happen. I highly believe God wants us to turn to him, he’s tried to wake us up with September 11th, we didn’t wake up. How many people have been affected so much by that event that they turn to God, they’ve stopped their gossip, sexual immorality, and various other “okay office fun”? A handfull really turned to God durring that time. Now this event. How many people are going to respond? Notice how this isn’t JUST effecting the south, this is effecting the entire economy. I believe if this doesn’t wake us up, there will be other events. Each time it get’s bigger. The first event, arguably, was the school shootings. Just a few people died. September 11th, several thousand died. Katrina, thousands upon thousands are expected to be dead. This isn’t including the effects this could cause on our economy.

Look at it from this perspective, the Isrealites knew they were Gods people, yet they constantly went their own way. God would warn them constantly, but they wouldn’t listen. They were either, then, taken into slavery or even in some cases a great many were wiped out. It’s not that God hated those people, or wanted to do it. If God wanted to do it, he wouldn’t have warned them COUNTLESS times through MANY profits. America calls it self a Christian nation — if we are, we need to truely start acting like it.

Moving along …

Sarah. I’ve talked about this phenomenal 18 year old woman several times already (and she’s even peaked into an entry), but I’ve not really told about her I don’t think. Sarah is from California. She’s about to start college at UC San Diego. She’s into drama. One of the words she likes to use is: “woot”, she doesn’t think that I can say the word, but I can. She’s just an awesome young lady whom I’m just privledged to know. I could talk about her all day, but I’ll save everyone reading this the “unwootness” of boring you (although if she could describe herself it would be “woot!”).

Wow, it’ll 11:40, I better get off.