Let Go

The end of another day arives like the start of another. The thoughts have ended, the voices are but memory. The music fades, and the begining of another day is planned. Thus begins this entry.

Today was like any other day I suppose, I ate, I slept, I worshipped, and in my free time I went to school and work. Not bad when you think about it. I took a test in American Government today … no idea how well I did on that one. I guess there’s always “see your results Thursday”. Oh, it did help out in that I got off a little earlier at work today. Getting home before 4:45 is always good.

Falling Up will be in concert on Thursday, September 29th. I’m ready for it! I’ve already bought my tickets and now I’m ready to go to it. It’ll be at a church I’ve never been to, Landmark Church of Christ. The Wedding, John Reuben, and a few other artists will also be there … so it’ll be an awesome night.

My Government book is biased towards the left. It’s sad, like 8 out of 15 pictures were of John Kerry while only like 2 were of Bush. Ironically a lot of that chapter I did this little biased look on were on media. Oh, and Fox News wasn’t even mentioned. I should note: this is the 2006 edition. Now is this just something they forgot? I doubt it. They meant to leave it out. I’ve thought about writing a nice essay about it and sending it to the teacher with whichever essay comes next … but I better not. It might be better to “lay low” on the political scale, keeping my facts to myself.

I ordered the TI-89 Titatium from Amazon the other night … UPS has the delivery estimate as being this Thursday. Purhaps I can get it before class, as we’re having a quiz. We’ll see, we’ll see.

As the door was closing, and the light was fading … consciousness left and the only movement was the slow, steady breathing of life.