The Countdown

The past week has been just awesome. I’ve been realizing things a little diffrently lately, and I’ve been thinking more about things that matter. I’m just tired of where I am now, and I want a change. I’ve got to have a change. I want to fall in love all over again, and just lately have I been realizing what loving God really is — and loving people, for that matter. The past week I’ve found — or they’ve been revealed — two points that I must have to love God: serventhood and obediance. Delayed obediance is disobediance. That’s just the honest truth.

It all comes down to just knowing Jesus. That’s my desire right now … and the rest will follow. It’s like I’m being pulled in two directions sometimes, and it must stop. I’ve got to have a touch — a relationship — with the only one who loves me unconditionally. That’s all I really can say.

It’s now the time where I must leave.