A Faith Like That

Over the past four months or so, I’ve sat got on here and basically just shared my life as of the present. There are days I wish I could just write a book about how I’m feeling, and then there are days I don’t really know what to write. Tonight I don’t know where I’ll go with what I write, how boring, lame, or interesting this may be. Anywho … enough of that …

Tonight was foot washing night. This was the first time I ever was involved in such an activity. All I can say afterwards, was that it was awesome. Over the past few weeks I’ve been taught about love, humility, and servanthood among other things. I want to be a servant to all who I see, I want to love people — not for them to love me back, but because I care for them. I want to have a humble heart that isn’t focused on myself or any other thing or being on earth — but for God. God is good, he’s the lover of my soul. He died for me because he loved me, and forever. I am a child of God, I want to have the heart of a baby. I want a faith like that. When your a baby you put all your faith and trust into your parent. You trust, you have faith, that they won’t hurt you. I want a faith like that.

All I can do right now is pray for my generation and the changes that are about to take place, and I’m longing, I’m ready, for it. I’m ready to go to church where EVERY single young person from the city is there with their voices shouting praises to God — and LOUD! I’m ready to see people that are just burning! I’m ready to see the “druggies”, the people involved in sexual sin, and homosexuality in church with their voices raised to God! And the “druggies” are no longer known for their drugs, but for their addiction to God and how they’re so, so diffrent.

Last night I listened to three other parts of the series I started a few days ago that was on Song of Songs. It was awesome. It showed me a lot of stuff about how to love my future wife right, among other things. The series was awesome. God is so awesome about how he put everything into place.

Well, right now I’m really stumbling over words, so I think it’s that time to just go.