Silence Fills the Air

Alright, so it’s been a full week since my last update … I feel like I’m getting lazy or something. I mean, I used to post updates of my life every day (or so it seemed), but now it’s rare to get one entry a week. I might need to fix that. I like to try to get and keep — or just keep the current — readers. Maybe that’s why I don’t post as much — nothing interesting going on.

This week has been … let me go back, Monday and Tuesday were great. For some reason yesterday just didn’t go how I liked it and so I lost some morale points or whatever. When I got home I ate and then basically just took a nap (and I thought some before and after). When I woke up it was off to math homework. It wasn’t that difficult (yesssss, I got it). It ticked me off for a while because I wasn’t doing it just right. I finally figured it out and was happy. Church was last night. I didn’t go. I had homework, and I was just all wound up. I’m not entirely sure how to explain that one in detail though.

Today was pretty much the same. I watched Without a Trace, which was about a prostitute that went missing. It was a good story. It saddens me how many people degrade women though. Although that’s nothing new. It makes me mad, there’s so many women out there today who think they’ve got to have sex and be disrespected to be accepted. Note, though, that this doesn’t mean I agree with the whole “women’s rights” phenomena that’s popular for some reason now. Females shouldn’t be made to feel they’ve got to work. I, as said, don’t want a wife who works. I know people who stay at home with their kids and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I never want to have a child while my wife is working out of the house. That’s just sad. My mom’s kept a little journal on me over the years, and truth be told half of the stuff in it wouldn’t be in it had my mom been working a full time job. Women aren’t supposed to be the head of the house, it’s the man. I could get on a wild tangent about this, obviously, but I’ve got work early tomorrow.

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  1. I’m not so sure I agree. You see in my situation I can work at home, so what if I want to be home with the baby? Anyways I saw on the Today show I believe it was, a segment where woman were talking about the show “Desperate Housewives” and saying how they are housewives and love it and don’t want women who haven’t tried it to think that they’ll become desperate at home if they do stay at home.

    I think everyone always goes overboard with their own experiences. All the time things are blown way out of proportion. Like the whole race thing, yes there was discrimination and there still is, but schools requiring a certain percentage of each race is ridiculous. The sad thing is, its just a part of life. Everything has to be black and white here is the law. It is never based on circumstances. If one case wins than it sets a precedent for all future cases like it, and then lawyers pull the “well this judge ruled in favor..”.

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