The Past Meets The Present?

Tonight has been one of those diffrent nights. I was reading my journal (the one my mom wrote) and I found something about friends I had in Italy. There is only one, Amber, whom I keep in contact with today, so I was talking and then I thought about searching for some of my friends back then on one of the websites out there (MySpace turned up to be the best place). I believe I’ve found one of those old friends. I scanned in two pages from my 1993 yearbook so Amber could do some searching … I believe she found someone too. It was a little exciting … even though it sounds lame and boring. I’m a miltary kid — contact with friends come and go. It’s interesting.

I also went on MySpace and did a lot of searching for people (best friends) from my “other high school”, sadly none are on there. There were a lot of people I knew though. That’s where the turning point came. I’ll get into that later, but now …

I’ve searched and I’ve realized a few things: purhaps good, purhaps bad. I’ve realized that today something that’s been known for so long, yet often seems to be overlooked by media, is this: the only, true, freedom is into the arms of Jesus. I remember when I was a kid, and I want to be more like a child almost everyday. When you’re a child your innocent. You’ve got faith in the adults around you. I’ve found that the people here in Tallassee (the teenagers and young adults) “hate it here”. Why is that? It’s because there’s oppression. The problem is that the problem lies with what they’re doing. I’ve saw another school that started getting involved with drugs, and only God knows what else — and the people there hated it.

This is where my turning point is. For so long I’ve blamed, although silently, my parents, sister, and God for sending me here to Tallassee. I’ve judged it — but I judged it before I even saw it. Before I was even a part of it I judged it as somewhere I didn’t want to live. Now I thank God. God has placed me here for a reason. I’m so thankful that God has placed me where he has. I’m glad I moved away from Colorado Springs. When I left there last time, I was saddened — and not only because I was leaving. Sometimes you see things diffrently from the outside looking in. Although, personally, I don’t think I saw it diffrently on the inside. On the outside though — from all the change that took place since I left — I saw stuff I didn’t want to see.

I am going to make every effort to love living here. I am going to make every effort from this point forward to enjoy this city and enjoy the place God has placed me. God has me here for a reason — whether it’s to be to learn a lesson, or be a leader. It’s just up to me whether I learn that lesson or be that leader. It’s been three years. It’s time for a change.

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  1. Hey man that’s cool. I know what you mean, although I didn’t hate Rhode Island, I just thought it was so boring. But really there is alot of cool stuff that you can only do in RI. Thats one of the reasons I started – I have friends who go to all these cool places and talk about them, it would be cool to have them put them up there so people like me can go check them out.

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