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Lifes changed a lot over the past week or so. Well, not dramatically, but enough to say it has. I’ve made up my mind about church now. I organized my music last night. That took several hours last night, but it helped clean my iPod up and everything else. Now hopefully I can keep it all organized. I hate disorganization. I quit work (well, not offically yet). I worked on a lot of my project for one of my classes — it’s on “modern worship”, although I kind of changed topic to “The Development of Worship Music”. I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to turn out. It’s an oral report, so I’ve got to present it. Maybe it’ll be good. Maybe.

I went to my aunts on Saturday for a few hours (for a singing). A part of my grade in that music class required that I be at a “concert”, so that’s going to be enough. The Falling Up concert was supposed to be the concert I was doing it on … but it never happened. It was really cool today, probably not over 70 degrees. That’s good, but I was freezing walking to class. I enjoy the colder weather though.

Church last night was awesome. Several people got up and gave their testimonies. Very interesting. It was sad, but very interesting. I love history and esspecially when it involves people that changed history and came to GOD. That’s just awesomeness. The people at church are some of the most awesome people I believe I’ll ever meet. I’m not sure what’s diffrent about them. Maybe it’s because they’ve been broken, and they found God. Joy abounds from these people. It’s awesome.

I was thinking as I was walking from my car in the cold breeze to my class this morning about how maybe I don’t let God speak to me, love me, and all. I want to see God the way these people have saw God. I think it takes most people hitting rock bottom to see how dependant on God they should be. That’s an undeveloped though … I guess what I’m getting at is that I don’t want to be focused on doing stuff that’s just ritual (religion), I want to really seek God with all that I have. I’m thankful for being here in Tallassee, for knowing God, I love God … what I want, I guess, is a stronger — much stronger — relationship.

Tonight I washed my bed clothes and then forgot to put my sheets in the washing machine … so I had to go back and wash just two sheets and a few pairs of sox. That took 30 minutes and wasted water and soap (although I don’t pay for it, I still try to conserve … try to …). I’ve got to go get those and put them on the bed …

12:10am … that means it’s time for bed.

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  1. Hey man. Just wanted to point out that some people it takes hitting rock bottom to get close to God, but you don’t HAVE to. Continual prayer that God will give you that joy, and he’ll do it..

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