What? I was never told that!

This past week or so has been good. Didn’t do much … actually I programmed a LOT. I got the Age of Empires 3 game, and then I played it. That’s about it. Church was awesome on Wednesday — talked about what it takes to be a Christian leader today. It was pure discussion, that’s always fun. I’ve been working on another site recently that allows churches to add their sermons/messages online so people can download them. I hope some churches hurry up and apply …

Really though I want to rant. Today I turned on the news for like 30 to 45 minutes and all I heard was stuff about Libby. Personally, I don’t care about that crap. Secondly it sounded to me like it was more of a he said/she said thing than anything. Sounds like there is little to no truth in everything. Just someone trying to accuse someone else of something they didn’t do. I guess we’ll find out — but again, who cares? Why does my money get wasted on something like this?! Very lame. I hope his remarks about it come true though.

Next item … I love history. I learned stuff today about the early colonies and such. Jamestown, the first American colony, was founded in 1607 … in 1611 church became a requirement — by law. Now that’s all well and good … but concidering that before 1611 the colony was doing pretty bad and most had died, that says something. In the years to come it would birth the country known today as America. Oh, and Pocahontas became a Christian and changed her name to Rebecca. For some reason, I never got that part of history in my books.

My old church was on Dateline tonight, it was alright. At least NBC tried to get both sides … I guess. The only thing is so many people stereotype people and church (as a whole) before they go by what they see or have heard on TV. The truth is, when you’re in God’s presense, sometimes you might just do things you wouldn’t “normally” do, and being your first time … they might look weird from the outside. But if you’re on the inside, then you know without a doubt that what you’re seeing and expeirencing is real. No one can tell you diffrently.

Finally, I’ve been thinking … and I realize now that overall people seem to keep certain things as “you don’t discuss” material. The politically incorrect stuff, just keep them to yourself. The problem is, they’ve got to be discussed. That’s a thought I probably need to work more though …

I’m tired, I need some rest.

2 Replies to “What? I was never told that!”

  1. Hey Dude. Congrats on the work well done!

    As for the whole news stuff, yeah I’m sick of it too. I know someone who has already judged the person that they are terrible, but the quote he used said that “If found guilty…” – I mean way to judge.

  2. Really we have opinions on issues and ideas that we shouldn’t have on some things (like, for instance, Michael Jackson — many pre-judged him and STILL judge him and say he’s guilty; I have no opinion on the matter). The only way we legally have to judge someone is if we’re on a jury. The Bible says not to judge people, yet we judge everyday. We should always strive to make good judgement on what we do, but we should never judge someone — esspecially based on hearsay (even from the news) as this is a distorted way to look at things. Notice how time goes around each person who judged someone else get’s judged themselves — and sometimes harsher than they.

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