And in Hindsight …

This evening my family went up to the city sponsered “Harvest Festival”. It was alright; of course I didn’t have as much fun as Jonathan, it was still alright. My church had a booth up and so we went to see how things were going … which was going well, of course. I kept my jacket in the car … and with the temperature being — as of now — 45 degrees, that wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I was cold (I wore a short sleeve polo). It wasn’t too bad though. The dance team did a few songs, that was good — but they always do pretty good. Of the songs I remember, Mirror by Barlowgirl was the best. I always knew the song had a very good meaning, but I just never looked at it the way they played it out.

Before, or maybe right after the dance team started I found myself thinking back over how when I was in highschool. I’ve been really thinking today about how I’ve judged people. It’s not just one person, it’s everybody. I just have judged them. All I can do is ask for forgiveness. It’s stemed, I’d say, from the whole “I hate this city” concept … but that doesn’t justify my judgement. There’s a sign on a church that says something to the extent of “Rationalising one sin makes two sins”. It’s a deep though, and I’ve been thinking about it. When you try to make one sin “okay” because you rationalised it only makes another sin.

Yesterday my aunt was over and told me that a little computer (internet) place was looking for someone who knew stuff about computers. I’ll probably go up there and see if they’re interested. I’ll see I guess ….

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