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The days seem so much shorter now due to daylight savings time. I wake up automatically thirty to sixty minutes earlier than I need to be up now. Hopefully I can adjust to the new time soon. Why ever this post started off this way I do not know, but oh well.

Important matters. George Bush nominated one of the best judges to replace O’Conner on the Supreme Court. I guess this means the “other side” is wishing they would have shut their traps about Harriet Miers. They can’t say that Samuel Alito is not qualified. Well, they can, but they’d be far wrong; which when have they been far right? Exactly. Also I see the democrats are trying to draw the attention back to themselves with this “secret” meeting they’re having — that not many people really care about. I truely think only the liberal media has fun with these propaganda stunts. That’s another subject in itself, though.

The lies being broadcast on the airwaves by the left are false, and are put out there to lead the people that are NOT engaged in any politics what-so-ever in a mindset that judicial laws will be “taken away” (womens rights, for example). This is ludacris. Anyone believing that crap shouldn’t be allowed to vote. For some reason I’m not sure why I passed all of my U.S. Government classes in High School. I mean, when I read the constitution and all (and I did do so, by the way), I got that the Judicial Branch was supposed to interpret the law. I know it’s not a new admendment, because last time I was in class (today, actually) we still had 27 amendments. Even a new amendment would mean that an entire branch of the government would be taken out and be completely rewritten by an amendment. I highly doubt any states are going to approve of such an amendment. In other words — the judical branch, sorry to say, doesn’t make the law. As much as some senators would like them to, they don’t. Alito will be confirmed, the opponents just need to face the honest facts and accept their defeat.

I wouldn’t doubt that by 2010 abortion is struck down by the courts. At that time it’ll be a matter of doing what was required in the first place — making a law by congress. Needless to say, abortion “rights” activists aren’t too happy now because of the fact they know they’ll never be able to get the support they need for such a law. Period.

In other news, men are not longer the authority in the household. It’s been “thrown out the window ages ago”. Obviously this is one of the lamest and stupidest statements I’ve heard in quite some time. Some woman said the statement in response to why men do not have the right to know if their wife is having an “abortion”. Sadly, she’s not looked at my family and many, MANY other families I know. Nor has she looked at what The Holy Bible says about the issue, as it is completely opposite of the statements she made.

Other items in my life … Pastor Chris is coming over Thursday night. I really can’t wait for church tomorrow night. I missed church at LWWC Sunday night for a service at Saugahatchee honoring the pastor and his family and my granny. The service that night wasn’t too bad though.

Tomorrow is my “oral report”. I hope it’s good and I talk loud enough for everyone. I hate getting up in front of people with a passion. The class is the largest one I have with about 50 people.

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  1. Justin – First I want to say sorry for not reading your blog till today, but since you posted this on the 1st, and it is the 3rd, then that means yesturday was your oral report.

    Anyways, I want to tell you some things I learned in college, while taking the required speech class.. The big one.. Even though you may feel extremely nervous, most people can’t tell you are!

    We watched videos of people doing speeches, and who said they were terrified of speeches and are always nervous and felt nervous.. but you’d NEVER even THINK they were nervous from watching them.

    I also felt the same way while doing a speech, but people would say that I didn’t look nervous at all. I was terrified.

    Anyways, just letting you know. Also, another tip.. Don’t type up a speech and try to recite it word for word, instead take a couple index cards and write down one topic or section on each card. Use the cards so you make sure you hit everything, but just read the topic to yourself and then talk about what you know. It is so much easier to do it “on the fly” because you are talking naturally, and you don’t have to worry about missing a sentence or jibbly jabbying the words because you don’t have a script to follow. Just don’t try to do a speech on something you dont know about and havent done any research on =P

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