The What?

This past week has been good. I went in and presented my project, it turned out alright. I was very nervous and read most of it. It was probably very evident that I was nervous, but oh well.

Church was good, Mrs. Jennifer spoke on feelings vs. truth. I got a good bit out of it … but haven’t really took the time to really focus on it like I should. On Thursday Pastor Chris came over and we discussed the church website for the most part, and then I converted all the messages from church to MP3 form and published them on’s Church Broadcast. I’ve been really working on completing the entire Church Broadcast pages. I believe I’m satisfied with the general look of the site now. Next thing to do is get more churches involved, but that just takes time.

Tonight I’m going to eat with my granny. My aunt is down from Huntsville this weekend for the first time in several months. I may go to a movie up in Auburn tonight, although I’m not really sure right now. The only thing in the theater right now seems to be crap. I’ve not paid any money to the MPAA in months now (that’s definatly not a bad thing).

Anywho … I’m bored and know of nothing more to write about right now. Sometime between now and last post I turned 19 …

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