The Blurry Fading

So I got up, went to school, came home, went to my grand parents and grannys, then game back home. I did nothing of value today (or did I?). I did fix a bug or two with E-Blah I think. Today was cold and rainy. It wasn’t that fun. I like driving in the rain, it’s just that I don’t feel too comfortable using cruise control with it raining. Speaking of which, my cruise control has a mind of it’s own. It’ll all of a sudden just speed up and then forcefully kick itself off for no apparent reason. And then sometimes it just refuses to work. It’s not that bad, it’s just annoying, and without it I slowly creep up with my speed. I sure wouldn’t want to get pulled over and tell the officer my cruise control didn’t work that day. Haha.

Tomorrow is the last day of this week for school. Then it’s Thanksgiving time and then sales – friday (maybe Amazon and Newegg will have some sort of deals). I’ll probably go shopping with the family that day, although I’ll probably get nothing.

Ah, I know what I want for Christmas …

Tomorrow I turn in the first part of my math final [that took me hours to do]. I’m hoping to get an A on it. I looked back over it today and it looked like I did good on it. I think after a while of doing certain problems, some can be relooked over and figured out easier. The algebra is the toughest part of it all, but I think I learned more doing the final than I did in class when we were [quickly] going over the material. I’ve finally got certain things I didn’t get, so that’s good.

I played some Age of Empires 3 again tonight; it appears like ESO finally has fixed the servers. I’ve been getting disconnected a lot less frequently now, fortunatly. It’s understandable I suppose.

I’ve not been able to sleep good these past few nights for some reason (so right now I’m really tired). Maybe the chocolate I eat before bed sometimes keeps me up all night. I probably should eat it in the morning for it to be of more benifit to me. Chocolate is one of my favorite foods.

As I look over to my right I am reminded of our countries heritage — per my American Calendar. The bad part about it is that the picture has been up for the past two months. I change it like once every 3 months. Gotta love it.

Ah, this reminds me. I should haven’t thought about it, but I did. A guy today durring class presented his “project” for our music class. Now while he was reading it he was passively putting in his cheezy anti-American propaganda, but I was just listening. Before he played his “music” selection he gave a little speach about how we should “listen to the lyrics” of his anti-American hate song (it was an anti-war song speaking of how the government lies and how there’s blood all over the place). At first I was just mad. The song came on: I was ticked. I was extremely close to walking out. I’m sick of people sitting passively by while people degrade our military. I’m sick of people in the church sitting passively by when prayer is taken out of schools, when the ten commandments is stolen away from our court houses where they’ve been for hundreds of years (and yes, I am guilty too). I’m sick of it. I’m sick of people sitting there just watching like they’re doing something good in life by seeing our heritage stolen away. While I was mad, I also remember that I should pray for him. See, if I grew up in the back ground he has, I’m pretty sure I’d feel the same way about our military. What I prayed, though, was not just for him, but all of the anti-war people. I pray that the lies and distortion from the media be cut down. I prayed that it would come out to pass in a way so real that not one of the people in congress — even republicans — can refute the evidence for the president. I prayed that by the end of President Bush’s term he’ll come out the most liked president in all of American history. The media as we know it will change soon. A lot of peoples ticked off. The Anti-American and Anti-Christian hate speach filling the air waves of America will be undermised. They will be the underdog. The bitterness and hatered that has been rooted deep down in the media over President Bush’s win in Florida in 2000 will be the demise of the liberal media. Far out liberals will be defeated in their states. Those who stand for morals will stand strong (this does include a few democrats). This has got to the best Talking Points memo I’ve heard in a while.

I’m going to pray until it changes — it will change. It’s changing soon.

Wow, while I was writting this I was thinking about the song “Underdog” by Audio Adrenaline (and how I was gonna listen to it when I got done editing it). Right after I saved it (this is an edit), the song came on (which hasn’t came on in quite some time, as it’s an old song). Just thought that was a little too … coincidence.

And that’s my post. Time for bed!

3 Replies to “The Blurry Fading”

  1. Well Justin, caffine will stay in your body for 6 hours. And while you may not think it affects you because you can fall asleep, it actually messes up your sleeping pattern. It keeps your body in “overdrive” and so your sleep cycles get messed up. It can make you wake up in the middle of the night or just make you not feel refreshed in the morning because you really didn’t get much rest.

    My suggestion: Kick the caffine outta ya mouth after 5. Then by the time its 11 it shouldn’t be in your system.

    Oh and don’t worry about the people hating Christians.. They hated Christ, and look how he responded. I don’t like it, but I’m tired of trying to make Christianity “fit in”.

  2. So I hear that you aren’t supposed to drive in the rain with your cruise control on, just as a warning. I guess it could make the car hydroplane or something. At least that’s what Daddy tells me.

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