As I sit here on the bed listening to some Christmas music (an e-card, actually), I’m just thinking about today. I got up early this morning (at around 6:30am). I was actually surprised that Wal-mart wasn’t packed out. Neither of the two Wal-marts I went to (Opelika and Auburn) had very many customers. Even the mall didn’t seem to have many people. This was the first time I went to Auburn for their “after Thanksgiving” sales though … I guess the college students sleep in, rather than go shopping (which wouldn’t have been a bad idea, actually). The only thing I bought was a large Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. It was the first time I’ve got that particular coffee, I believe. I normally get the Frappuccino. It’s coming from Starbucks, so it’s good.

When we got home I really did nothing. I finished reading 2nd Kings. My next read will probably be Ezra since it seems to be somewhat of what happens after 2nd Kings. I may skim through some of the Chronicles, though a lot of it is just family trees. In reading 2nd Kings I saw how merciful God was time and time again, almost begging Isreal. The only time when God finally seemed to have enough was when Manasseh killed innocent people. It was interesting more, though, how when Josiah became king and then had Hilkiah found Gods law that had been pushed away for so many years. When Josiah found out how evil they had become he was obviously had a deep, deep fear and reverance of God. He knew that they had made God angry for deliberatly disobeying him for hundreds of years. One of the best verses in 2nd Kings would be this (23:25):

Never before had there been a king like Josiah, who turned to the LORD with all his heart and soul and strength, obeying all the laws of Moses. And there has never been a king like him since.

That was a statement. Other kings had brought foriegn gods into the Temple of the Lord, and for some reason people were just going about their business like everything was okay. Then you have Josiah who’s sees how evil his nation has been and does everything he can to rid his nation of the evil that had sprung up throughout the years (2nd Kings 23).

On Monday I have to go get my new classes. I hope it’ll be quick and I can get the classes I need. I’m thinking, or hoping, to get maybe three morning classes a day. If not I’ll try to keep the schedule I have now (two classes per day). They had a book with all the classes, but I’ve really not looked at it too much. I might just take it on Monday since I’ll have two or three hours to just do nothing.

It seems like Saturday because I’m used to being off three days a week. It’s hard to think that in less than a month now it’ll be Christmas day. And then just a little longer and it’ll be 2006. It’s hard to imagine. Four years ago I started my little project, E-Blah. It’s hard to believe that was only four years ago. It seems a lot longer, while at the same time seeming like just the other day. Time sure does fly by.

While I’m thinking about it, a good site for movie reviews is Decent Films Guide. Each movie is judged on it moral/spiritual value, recommendability, entertainment value, and by age appropriateness. To back it all up is a professionally done review. I find the reviews on the site to be very good and it aids me into which movies I do and don’t go see. Another good site that reviews just about every movie is Focus on the Families, Plugged In Online. I don’t like Plugged In as good because they don’t rate the movies on moral and spiritual value in an easy to see way (you have to read).

One of the greatest songs ever written, Mary Did You Know, has been recreate by Spoken and is on Happy Christmas Volume 4.