The day is Sunday, and I’ve done almost nothing. I went to church and programmed some of E-Blah. I did do some work though, which reminds me, I think I have enough money online to get that LCD monitor I was thinking about getting. 19 inch I believe from NewEgg. I’m not certain I’ll get it though, not sure if I really need it. I think it’d be better on my eyes though … and I wouldn’t have all that CRT radiation beaming into my body (not that sure they put off radiation though).

I played some Age of Empires 3 with some random people online. My team won … I got the highest score of four, although I got that score in the last 10 minutes of the game because my military was more effective than his. All he had was cannons (left anyway).

Tomorrow I go and get a new schedule. I’m not really worried about, I’m just wondering what I’ll do in the two hours free time I have. I sure hope my teacher goes the full time tomorrow. Maybe someone will ask if I want to go to lunch with them? That’d be something new, diffrent, and cool …

Church this morning was alright. Saugahatchee, like every year, has this nasty lady bug epidemic. There’s hundreds just all by the lights. It’s kind of spooky … and nasty. Anywho, the service was about Acts 7, that’s one of the only things I got out of it because I couldn’t hear back in the little room I’m in. The pastor did mention some stuff I’ve been reading and I was happy I finally knew what he was talking about because I read it.

I started in on the book of Ezra, but then I thought that it’d be a good time to re-read Daniel, so that’s where I’m at. I think I may go back and re-read Jeremiah too. I heard something somewhere that made me think, though. I’m not certain if I read it in my Bible or heard it somewhere, but I had never really thought about the Prophets in the Bible that God used, but the people didn’t listen. Thus, even if I ever teach and the church is wiped out because I either offend everyone or they just think I’m horrible, I’ll know that if I’m seriously doing what God has called me to do then I’ll be rewarded some way, somehow.

One topic that I wish I heard just one pastor preach on is the fear of the LORD. I mentioned something about it this morning in Sunday school, in how that if it was taught more in church I think less people would be doing sinful things they do. The Isrealites time and time again had NO fear of the LORD. Josiah was a king who feared the LORD. He knew that God was Holy. He knew that they had disobeyed God, and he was fearful of his nations punishment (which if I remember correctly had already been said in a prophesy to Judah). Josiah changed his entire nation and got rid of all the pagan idols that had been brought into Judah. God then told Josiah that Judah wouldn’t be punished until after he had died (the punishment happened four kings later). Maybe that’s what God has called me to do …

The service tonight was about living in abundance (“Moving from Lack to Overflow”). Overall good message. I have some strange feelings though sometimes. When I got there I really was there, but it’s like I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing. I must get in that mindset after programming and thinking too hard, I’m not really sure.

I was talking to my mom tonight about how I look 14 (for those that are still in the dark: I’m nineteen, and I don’t look 14), and I told her that one of these days someone will say that after being disrespectful and I’ll bounce back and tell them they don’t look 50 either. Purhaps that is a little childish, but so is disrespecting someone. I’m thankful I learned at least a few things though. I know that I’ll keep a lot of teenagers above twenty-somethings, simply because some teenagers have more brains than twenty-somethings.

It’s several days after the fact, but Thanksgiving did occur a few days ago … and I did miss the chance to speak about what I’m thankful for. Saturday we had our “Thanksgiving Dinner” because Thursday we were at my aunts, and Friday my sister worked (I think) and we went shopping. Anyway, durring dinner my dad asked what we were all thankful for, and I said “everything”. So what I’m really thankful for is everything. The specifics (of course not everything) are: life (especially my mom and dad), family, my car (that get’s 37 MPG now!), my online friends, my freedoms (speach and trusting Jesus is two of the best ones), my little support team over at E-Blah, all the people who have helped me out with something, Tim Linden, food, the air I breath, Christian Rock music, faith, my house … the list can go on forever and ever.

Now, it’s 12:30AM, and I will get woke up at 7:30AM, so I need to get in the bed.

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  1. Hey Justin, there is NOTHING wrong with looking young. Seriously, it can be rather embarassing, but think, when you’re 50 you’ll look 40. Nothing wrong with that now.

    If it makes you feel better, I get carded at every movie theater I go to! Also my brother who is almost 25 gets carded at movie theaters! How awful is that! Don’t feel bad, you’re in the same world with the rest of us that look younger than our age 🙂

  2. Justin, the sermon at my Church yesturday was on Fearing the Lord 😉 It’s true, the lack of Fear for the Lord is a big problem.

    Psalm 147:11 “but the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.”

    I think it would be nice to know the Lord takes pleasure in me, so I’ve been thinking more about my fear of him.

  3. Along with Adam, I agree that there is nothing wrong with looking younger than your age. Sure, it can get annoying every now and then, but I’ve learned to have fun with it. Most people think I am between the ages of 12 and 14, and I’m 18! I’ve also had people guess that I was as young as 10….but I just laugh it off! I actually find it rather amusing most of the time, to watch peoples’ reactions when I tell them how old I really am. It’s not a problem unless you let it become one.

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