No Time

I’ve got little time to update this, but I need to update it. I’ve not updated my blog in a few days.

Yesterday I went up to schedule for classes (I decided to come home, then go back up to Montgomery — wasted gas, but not as much time). I thought it was going to be good, but it turned out not. Tallassee High School sent AUM my transcript durring March, that was good then, but they should have been told (by AUM?) to send it again after I graduated. My account was locked and so I can’t register for classes until I fix it. I tried logging in tonight from here at home and it doesn’t let me (I think I tried too many bad PIN numbers and it blocked me). Now I have to call them to unlock that. It’s unfortunate, but I’ll recover I suppose.

I rented The Pacifire last night. It was a pretty good movie. They really aren’t making many really funny movies anymore … and sexual jokes aren’t funny. They’re lame and make the movie bad. On that note, I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith for the second time. It was a good movie the first time, it was okay the second time. The only problem I have with the movie is the sexual content. Why put that? It doesn’t help the movie sell anything. If I want a movie about sex I’d rent a porno. Lame. Also, the “Christian” family they portrayed was uncalled for as well. I guess I maybe shouldn’t be so mad about that though, because hey … that’s how so many “Christian” families act anyway (the “party” and they made the guy seem dumb, like he wasn’t very educated). Stereotypes tick me off though. Without those two elements the movie would get an excellent rating. It has a good message though: stay married — even through thick and thin.

Today I was on the interstate and some older people were in a truck (with a state government tag) and they’d get in front of me and go really slow, then I’d pass them, and they’d do it again. It happend for probably 10 minutes. It made me laugh, so it’s nothing I’m complaining about … I thought it was funny how they were getting enjoyment out of it (I guess?). I wasn’t mad or anything, but to show them I understood … right before I got off on my exit I speed well ahead of them. So that’s like my random personal story of the month or something.

I bought my LCD monitor. It’s a Samsung. It’s a 19 inch 8ms. It should be here Friday. I’m ready to move on up. I wonder how much diffrent it’ll be compared to my 17 inch.

E-Blah is getting a new hard drive on the server, or might, due to a “failing” hard disk. So it’ll go down for a while tonight. Had to back everything up. It came to about 143MB’s for my little area of the internet over there. FPServer (where my blog is located) still has a good hard drive and is backed up to it’s spare hard drive every night so that nothing can happen to the blog or site.

Well, internet just died. It’s back up now. It’s time for me to hit the hay though.

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  1. yeah it bugs the mess out of me when someone goes 25 in a 55 but i always tell my sell catherine there could be something wrong with there car or they could be sick or something so i just stay behind them and and say a quick little pray to god please give me tha ability to follow them and i pray that everything is ok in that car or with that car ! soo ….
    ttyl cat

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