Brief Overview of Operating Systems

I'm not sure this will help anyone, but I wrote another essay for one of my classes. It's such a waste to write them and never use them again. Hopefully someonewill find something useful in it. I've not turned it in yet or anything. The last one I wrote had a user who was helped by it. I didn't do any proof reading. Not everything is documented because 90% or so I just wrote from my own knowledge (there could be some errors?). Here's an excerpt:

The computer operating system world is massive with hundreds of flavors, yet small at the same time with only three popular – or at least recognizable – systems: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS (mainly X today). While there are many different types of operating systems, they are all used – often times at least two operating systems are interacting with users each day, much of the time behind the scene. There are two major client-focused operating systems: Windows and MacOS.

Also note, I'm somewhat biased towards Windows and Linux as those are the two operating systems I use.

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