Living in a Fog

I've been listening to some of theMill's podcast (finally updated college age student services from New Life Church).  I've listened to "Living in a Fog" (Aaron Stern) and "Under Cover" (John Bevere) … all I can say is it's some of the best teaching.  It goes parallel to a few things currently going on (indirectly?) in my life.  These are teachings that I want to never forget. 

Both are on judgement.  John Bevere talks more of a leadership figures.  I've been thinking a lot about it (I listened to that one first a few days ago).  There's countless times each day I can judge people's motives, actions, and thoughts.  However, I want to live in a fog.  As long as I'm not in a leadership role over someone, I'm not going to judge them.  I've been just thinking over the recent past and how I have judged leaders in authority over me or those who aren't and that I have no business judging anyway.


John Bevere gave a good example of how when President Clinton was elected, he says he was "depressed for about 3 days".  On the third day God let him know that authorities are appointed by God.  Here's where the fear of the Lord comes in.  David was under the authority of Saul.  He had times he could have killed him.  Did he?  Nope.  David killed the person who boasted about killing Saul.

We really shouldn't have an opinion on all that we do.

Aaron Stern gave three questions that we should ask ourselves about what we know or observe about someone else:

  1. Is it my business?  For example, you know something about your sister.  Do you have a close enough relationship with that person?
  2. Is it my role? For example, you're a leader and you have a role to deal with situations under your leadership.
  3. Have you been invited?  For example, you're a leader over one area of a company and your boss asks what you think about how another area of the company is doing (this is ONLY because you were invited).

If you answer no about any three of them … it's none of your business.

Another example: the New Orleans mayor.  Does any of those three apply to me?  Nope.  Reading the one from earlier though — he was appointed by God.  If I criticise him, I'm in a sense telling God I know better.  I can't judge him, nor am I.  That's who God placed in leadership there.

God is the only just judge.  I just don't want to care about what other people are doing.  It's absolutely none of my business.  Until the day that I die, I hope and pray I'll never forget these two teachings.

It's late.  I can't convey my thoughts well.  If things don't make since, there's an easy way to fix that — listen to the two messages I posted (go to "Subscribe" in iTunes so that you can download them fully).