Sometimes I wish I could live in a box where just nothing happened.  I’m becoming more and more angry with the Democrats.  The word “lie” is thrown around all the time.   I can’t just say “they’re lying”.  It’s like circular, someone will always come back with a (rather simple minded) statement and say you’re wrong.  If that makes any sense.  They’re not lying.  They’re deceiving.  The problem with deception is it’s hard to recover from.  It’s not just something that can be thought of passively.  It’s down right scary that people are believing things they’re saying.   It’s like a bunch of people walking around with these shields over their eyes, not even attempting to seek out truth.

That brings me to my next point — the easiest deceived are also the ones who are the most bitter about something.  Like a lamb lead to the slaughter, they’re drinking in the deception.  They’ve drank in the “you can’t offend anyone” juice, and now swear by it.  If it only hurt themselves, it may not be so scary (only sad).  However, it doesn’t just effect one person, it’ll effect a nation.  Several months ago I wrote about how political correctness will destroy a nation — a people.  It, in the end, leads to utter ignorance.

I’ve tried to analyze what, exactly, would happen if the Democrats would win this years election, and it’s not just “ho-hum”, business as usual, it’s down right terrifying.  What I’m worried about is that a bunch of ignorant people (those who aren’t into current events) vote.  I don’t honestly believe many people who stay up to date with current events could ever vote for a Democrat.

Next thing on my mind is the ignorance surrounding minimum wage.  The worst thing that could happen to our economy right now would be raising it.  It’d cripple our economy.  We currently have a good dollar value.  If the minimum wage were raised just a little, it’d take our dollar and make it down right worthless.  People don’t get this.  I don’t believe I fully understood this until I took economics last year.  The fact that the Democrats are using this issue shouldn’t be a surprise, as many young people (who would like to work at a higher wage) will be drawn to those who will give them a few more bucks.  Cheap votes, is their thinking.  All the while, they don’t realize it’ll make product prices shoot through the roof overnight, and we’d have a suffering economy for quite some time.  It’s horrible when you have a party that’d rather get votes, than protect the needs of its country.

To those who try to make the war their case for voting Democrat, wars were never won in a day.  If it hadn’t been for a massive loss of life, we (the Allies) would never have succeeded in defeating the Axis during World War II.  They’re ugly affairs, but sometimes, they must be fought.

There’s more to just who you vote for than war and how much you get paid.  There’s more people that have been murdered in America than this current war overseas.  Much more.  This murder is legal though.  It’s purely legal.  The Democrats won’t support their voices.  Never have Democrats, never will Democrats.  These people never have a chance to vote.  They never have a chance to speak their voice.  Anyone that tries to justify “abortion” as a “right” is as guilty of murder as those who are committing the act.  I’m still at a lose for why anyone in their right mind would support murdering of the innocent.  If there’s a single reason to vote Republican, this is it.  We’re giving those without a voice, a voice.  However loud it may be.  We cannot give up on them. They’re helpless without our help.

Finally, I leave you with another cause never to support these people: they try (and succeed many times) to control and manipulate the media.  If all that doesn’t scare you, I’m not quite sure what will.

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  1. what upsets me about this post is not that you point out several problems with the democrats, what upsets me is that you seem to have it in your head that republicans are the answer. let me assure you that most republicans are not working for the common good of the country. like the democrats, they are more concerned with lining their own pockets.

    the issue here is not conservative/liberal, but to generalize that all liberals are the same and all working to destroy the fabric of American life is exactly the close-mindedness that makes us Christians look more like robot nut-jobs than just about anything else. rush limbaugh may have a good name within the right 1/3 of society, but to the rest of the world, he’s an entertainer with a political bend.

    i tend to be a little more liberal than the average person. my roommate (and bandmate) is more conservative. we get along because we put our passion for following Jesus before politics and neither of us assume that one way is “more Christian” than the other. simply put, my love for Jesus won’t keep me from voting for a conservative candidate, but it certainly won’t make me vote for one either.

  2. In all things, there will always be someone looking for money. Dems like to take it, Republicans like the people to keep it. The only liberals who are not “working to destroy the fabric of Amerian life” is more moderates than they are liberals, now. I’ve not heard of any of them running (as the Democratic party want’s committed liberals now). The Democratic party of the past is no more. If you, and others, do not find this out — we’ll all find out the hard way. 9/11 was nothing compared to what’ll happen if they get elected.

    Christians should vote Republican solely for the reason of the unborns voice being heard. With that also comes pro-traditional marriage, and other items.

    As far as liberal/conservative friends, I’ve got both too. We get along fine (unless we do talk about politics). And no, I don’t see them as “less Christian” or anything. I do, though, see that the descriptions I named for liberals apply to them (as do most other liberals I’ve met).

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