The Calm Before the Storm is Over

Over the past few weeks I’ve just be very depressed. It seems to be getting heavier, but I may just be over thinking.  I know a few other people who have been more depressed here lately too.  It’s not just depression either, it’s deeper.  I can’t place it, but I hate it.  That’s all I know.  It’s doubt about a lot of things, but the doubt has come in unconventional ways.  It’s complicated to explain.  I believe I’m going to leave it at that for now.  It’s just confusing.

Something has to change, and soon.  The calm before the storm is over.  The eye is moving closer.

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  1. Hey bro, its been a long time since i last checked here, how are you doing?

    Ive been suffering, i dont know if i can call it the same depression, but i do suffer from something unexplainable. Its something missing that i cannot place, Im missing Jesus so much, and doubt did creep in on me when i was looking for Him and at one point of time, i stopped…

    I read Job a couple of times, maybe not all, that book is just too depressing to see, but one particular note struck me there, that nobody would escape emptiness (unless youre one of those that shouts holy holy holy), while were here, we would fast until the bridegroom returns. It seems that everything is senseless, fasting, digesting the word, the Bible suddenly feels empty… i felt empty…

    It recently im just getting rejuvenated as i tried to re-evaluate my life…

    Im walking on water and im just looking at the waves instead of Jesus who is meeting me half way to hold out His hand and pick me up from the waters. Its a deeper call to be intimate, its not that i wasnt, but im done with puppy food… its really time to go for “One Thing”… im just bearing my life here, it might help… since we, as brothers in Christ, must gather around and fight off the common enemy.

    I dont know if we can call it a certain stage in our walk… but i think its rubbing passivity off… or its time for us to Up our Dosage… 250ml doesnt do anymore… maybe its time for me to go for the Liter or something hehe…

    Keep on looking at Him man, Isaiah 40:31

    Peace Bro,

  2. hey justin,
    Sorry you have been depressed! If you need to talk you got my number!
    love in christ

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