Time for Bed …

So it’s time for bed and I check out the news. The news ticks me off sometimes. You know, we’re not supposed to be of this world. The Bible, well, my Bible says (I don’t have the erasable Bible) in Galations that we simple CAN’T be God’s servants if we’re trying to please people. I’m not politically correct sometimes, nor do I care. I’d rather offend someone than please everyone.

I’m out.

Keep My Heart

The days seem so much shorter now due to daylight savings time. I wake up automatically thirty to sixty minutes earlier than I need to be up now. Hopefully I can adjust to the new time soon. Why ever this post started off this way I do not know, but oh well.

Important matters. George Bush nominated one of the best judges to replace O’Conner on the Supreme Court. I guess this means the “other side” is wishing they would have shut their traps about Harriet Miers. They can’t say that Samuel Alito is not qualified. Well, they can, but they’d be far wrong; which when have they been far right? Exactly. Also I see the democrats are trying to draw the attention back to themselves with this “secret” meeting they’re having — that not many people really care about. I truely think only the liberal media has fun with these propaganda stunts. That’s another subject in itself, though.

The lies being broadcast on the airwaves by the left are false, and are put out there to lead the people that are NOT engaged in any politics what-so-ever in a mindset that judicial laws will be “taken away” (womens rights, for example). This is ludacris. Anyone believing that crap shouldn’t be allowed to vote. For some reason I’m not sure why I passed all of my U.S. Government classes in High School. I mean, when I read the constitution and all (and I did do so, by the way), I got that the Judicial Branch was supposed to interpret the law. I know it’s not a new admendment, because last time I was in class (today, actually) we still had 27 amendments. Even a new amendment would mean that an entire branch of the government would be taken out and be completely rewritten by an amendment. I highly doubt any states are going to approve of such an amendment. In other words — the judical branch, sorry to say, doesn’t make the law. As much as some senators would like them to, they don’t. Alito will be confirmed, the opponents just need to face the honest facts and accept their defeat.

I wouldn’t doubt that by 2010 abortion is struck down by the courts. At that time it’ll be a matter of doing what was required in the first place — making a law by congress. Needless to say, abortion “rights” activists aren’t too happy now because of the fact they know they’ll never be able to get the support they need for such a law. Period.

In other news, men are not longer the authority in the household. It’s been “thrown out the window ages ago”. Obviously this is one of the lamest and stupidest statements I’ve heard in quite some time. Some woman said the statement in response to why men do not have the right to know if their wife is having an “abortion”. Sadly, she’s not looked at my family and many, MANY other families I know. Nor has she looked at what The Holy Bible says about the issue, as it is completely opposite of the statements she made.

Other items in my life … Pastor Chris is coming over Thursday night. I really can’t wait for church tomorrow night. I missed church at LWWC Sunday night for a service at Saugahatchee honoring the pastor and his family and my granny. The service that night wasn’t too bad though.

Tomorrow is my “oral report”. I hope it’s good and I talk loud enough for everyone. I hate getting up in front of people with a passion. The class is the largest one I have with about 50 people.

What? I was never told that!

This past week or so has been good. Didn’t do much … actually I programmed a LOT. I got the Age of Empires 3 game, and then I played it. That’s about it. Church was awesome on Wednesday — talked about what it takes to be a Christian leader today. It was pure discussion, that’s always fun. I’ve been working on another site recently that allows churches to add their sermons/messages online so people can download them. I hope some churches hurry up and apply …

Really though I want to rant. Today I turned on the news for like 30 to 45 minutes and all I heard was stuff about Libby. Personally, I don’t care about that crap. Secondly it sounded to me like it was more of a he said/she said thing than anything. Sounds like there is little to no truth in everything. Just someone trying to accuse someone else of something they didn’t do. I guess we’ll find out — but again, who cares? Why does my money get wasted on something like this?! Very lame. I hope his remarks about it come true though.

Next item … I love history. I learned stuff today about the early colonies and such. Jamestown, the first American colony, was founded in 1607 … in 1611 church became a requirement — by law. Now that’s all well and good … but concidering that before 1611 the colony was doing pretty bad and most had died, that says something. In the years to come it would birth the country known today as America. Oh, and Pocahontas became a Christian and changed her name to Rebecca. For some reason, I never got that part of history in my books.

My old church was on Dateline tonight, it was alright. At least NBC tried to get both sides … I guess. The only thing is so many people stereotype people and church (as a whole) before they go by what they see or have heard on TV. The truth is, when you’re in God’s presense, sometimes you might just do things you wouldn’t “normally” do, and being your first time … they might look weird from the outside. But if you’re on the inside, then you know without a doubt that what you’re seeing and expeirencing is real. No one can tell you diffrently.

Finally, I’ve been thinking … and I realize now that overall people seem to keep certain things as “you don’t discuss” material. The politically incorrect stuff, just keep them to yourself. The problem is, they’ve got to be discussed. That’s a thought I probably need to work more though …

I’m tired, I need some rest.

Short and Sweet

I don’t have that much to talk about tonight. It can really all be summed up in one word: tired. I’m very tired. I didn’t get in the bed last night until almost 11:00PM (and probably didn’t fall alseep until after).

Fox News had a tiny story today about a Christian Punk Church. They had both the guy who led it, and someone who runs Summit Ministries. Now first thing, I want to analyze this. Lets just say for an instance I don’t have a side. If I watch this clip and see both sides (which I saw), I’ll see both sides appear to really be seeking God. There are some things in the Bible about judging, however. I, for one, do not care for “televangilists”, I never really have and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. However, just because I believe one is wrong, I’m not going to judge them and say they’re not Christians (one side of this was to the effect of: “christians should not have rock music in their church”).

Why is rock music evil and hymns and modern worship “okay”? All of the hymns in churches (what few are left) were written by sinners (Christian or not). The beat, the music, had to come from somewhere (no one can say it doesn’t have rythm and beat). I believe that as time changes, things will change, just like as you grow older you grow out of toys. I believe that what those opposed to rock music in the church are saying is that they want us, as a generation, to find “other music” that we can’t relate to and that we CANNOT worship God in.

To further reiterate my point — someone once said to me that they don’t want to go to heaven because they go to church and they just don’t like “worshipping” God. While that argument is a bad argument, I can understand why they say that (to an extent). When I truly get into worship, there really is no other place I’d rather be. So many, sadly, have not been in true worship.

What is worship and what is religion? What is judgement and what is devine discernment? These need addressing.

Digital Cable Television

A new day. New days are for diffrent things. Okay, that’s lame. Moving right along to discussion …

Today was a little better at work on the ice box side … I went out one a ticket for about an hour or two so that makes work fly by and also makes me stay normal temp throughout most of the day. So it was good. I get to leave at 3:00PM, so I’m normally home by 4:00 (7 to 4). I’m hoping I can get something setup where I can work there while in college or something, as that would really, truely, be the optimal workplace, for various reasons. I love the laid back enviorment there.

When I got home I had to help clean the pool. My parents drained it and then refilled it after cleaning it. It was pretty nasty, but I got there right when they were getting done so the worst of the filth was out of the way before I got there.

I then went upstairs and checked out our digital cable which was installed today. I must say, it’s pretty nice. We get the Starz channels amoung a little over 100 other channels. It’s pretty good as we went about 3 or 4 years with no cable what so ever. I like the TV Guide, it’s nice to be able to see whats on instead of waiting for that TV Guide channel which has some of the worst programs and all that you must listen to. I put a nice little lock on the TV so R, M and NC-17 programs are blocked. 😛 Gotta put a password in to watch those programs. 😉

My internet just went out, which is ticking me off. It goes off sometimes and doesn’t work for a while …. makes me very mad. Esspecially when you had something you wanted to do or look up … but then find out you can’t because the thing isn’t working. The cable company gave some bogus answers today as to what the problem was. One, of which, was “connect it to your computer”. I can’t because it’s binded by MAC address and my NIC’s MAC address isn’t the one on the wireless router (which is actually spoofed with my old NIC). Then they said the CAT-5e cable might not be good … which is bogus because I just changed it. But hey, I know they don’t know much … they just read some books and are sent out to do installs when they’re really not qualified to do such. lol 😛 So I don’t blame them, I just wish they could fix it.

Ah good, it’s back on now. 🙂

I’m listening to the church service I didn’t get to listen to last night, so I’m gone.

Been Busy

I’m not going to post much today. Sometimes the days seem to be so packed full of just anything and everything. It’s not too bad though. I get off of work at 3:00 now … for this week anyway. I really haven’t done much but just sat there and looked at websites (because there is not support tickets … so … I just sit and do that). I’m definatly not complaining. It’s not that bad, just gets boring sometimes. 😛 Oh, it’s also cold too. The A/C units are NEVER turned off. And I’m right under an A/C vent. It’s not that bad … just need to get out sometimes and thaw out. 😛

An interesting convo I overheard today. Someone was talking about someone else saying they weren’t a Christian because of something they did, and then this other person was “reassuring them” that they were “indeed” a Christian or whatnot. Now, I know I shouldn’t … but I just had to analise this. Before this person ended their conversation it was ended in “I know I’m a Christian … but … blah blah blah”. That got me to thinking … if you “know” you’re a Christian, then why add more after? It’s kinda like, “I know this because …” like “let’s reassure MYSELF that I am one”. That lead to further thinking … maybe people that say that aren’t Christians. Do I know who this was talking? No. Have I even met the person? Nope. So I can’t judge, nor am I, but I was just wondering why are they arguing and reassuring each other they’re good if they already KNOW they’re Christians?

Next comes a conversation with a “Christian” buisness owner who does “devotion” time before work each day. However, after this “devotion time” comes curse words left and right. Alright, I understand if they fly out sometimes (actually I don’t, because I can control my tounge, so I believe they should be able to as well) … but is this setting ANY sort of GOOD example for Christians? Heck no. It makes us as a whole look bad, and literally drives people away from wanting any part of it. It’s like “wow, I thought this person was diffrent …”. Now sure, this person could be a Christian … but wouldn’t it be pretty bad if they get to heaven and hear the words “I don’t know you” and the person jumps back with “but I spoke in your name”? It’ll be pretty bad for a lot of people … and these people will have the worst knowing they thought they knew Christ, but fell short. Just something to think on. You might not think cursing is wrong, but others see it as “filth” (as someone from work said) … and YOU’RE suppose to be an example for them. Getting by just because your so simpleminded and can’t change just a LITTLE for God is pretty shotty after Christ gave his life for you. Again, something to think on.

Now ….. time to get to other tasks on my agenda!