Spur of the Moment

Tonight was a spur of the momentmovie night.  I hadn't expected to watch a movie, but it happened.  I was trying to find some information on something and came across a TV webstream (that was in great quality) that was showing the Left Behind movies.  I've saw the first two, I watched the second one again tonight.  The movies are great.

I have a thousand thoughts in my head right now, but no real idea about how to convey them to [readable] text.

I drove the family to my aunts house tonight.  On the drive over there my dad (who reads my blog) started talking about how I need to talk more and talk to some girls.  It's difficult.  This week's been mildly difficult.  I'd liketo have a girlfriend, sure, but there's a lot of questions too.  I've picked up that there is one girl in each of my classes that are Christians (not positive about History).  It's kind of weird though when you see someone and then you see that they're married (or engaged — either way, they have a ring on).  I'm not that concerned with finding a girlfriend (/wife) so much.  It's depressing not having someone to talk to sometimes, sure.  When she comes, she comes.  So far, I'm not that sure I've saw anyone at AUM that I really could like that much.  There's a few that I could talk to, but I'm not sure about date.  Grr.  I don't know.  Whatever happened to it being a gift to be single?  I don't want to be for a long long time, but right now that's where I am.

I'm tired.

Living in a Fog

I've been listening to some of theMill's podcast (finally updated college age student services from New Life Church).  I've listened to "Living in a Fog" (Aaron Stern) and "Under Cover" (John Bevere) … all I can say is it's some of the best teaching.  It goes parallel to a few things currently going on (indirectly?) in my life.  These are teachings that I want to never forget. 

Both are on judgement.  John Bevere talks more of a leadership figures.  I've been thinking a lot about it (I listened to that one first a few days ago).  There's countless times each day I can judge people's motives, actions, and thoughts.  However, I want to live in a fog.  As long as I'm not in a leadership role over someone, I'm not going to judge them.  I've been just thinking over the recent past and how I have judged leaders in authority over me or those who aren't and that I have no business judging anyway.


John Bevere gave a good example of how when President Clinton was elected, he says he was "depressed for about 3 days".  On the third day God let him know that authorities are appointed by God.  Here's where the fear of the Lord comes in.  David was under the authority of Saul.  He had times he could have killed him.  Did he?  Nope.  David killed the person who boasted about killing Saul.

We really shouldn't have an opinion on all that we do.

Aaron Stern gave three questions that we should ask ourselves about what we know or observe about someone else:

  1. Is it my business?  For example, you know something about your sister.  Do you have a close enough relationship with that person?
  2. Is it my role? For example, you're a leader and you have a role to deal with situations under your leadership.
  3. Have you been invited?  For example, you're a leader over one area of a company and your boss asks what you think about how another area of the company is doing (this is ONLY because you were invited).

If you answer no about any three of them … it's none of your business.

Another example: the New Orleans mayor.  Does any of those three apply to me?  Nope.  Reading the one from earlier though — he was appointed by God.  If I criticise him, I'm in a sense telling God I know better.  I can't judge him, nor am I.  That's who God placed in leadership there.

God is the only just judge.  I just don't want to care about what other people are doing.  It's absolutely none of my business.  Until the day that I die, I hope and pray I'll never forget these two teachings.

It's late.  I can't convey my thoughts well.  If things don't make since, there's an easy way to fix that — listen to the two messages I posted (go to "Subscribe" in iTunes so that you can download them fully).

The Fine Line Between Good and Evil

We, as Christians, are not called to tolerance. We're not. We're not called to tolerate sin. Love the sinner, hate the sin. We're supposed to love the sinner. WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO tolerate the sin. It burns me up every time I hear the word tolerance used in this context. We're not suppose to tolerate sin — especially in the church. The Bible speaks DIRECTLY against homosexuality. It speaks directly against murder (abortion IS murder). It speaks directly against many other evils, also. We're not supposed to hate the sinner, but love them.  That CANNOT be interchanged with sin.  We're not suppose to tolerate the sin.  Period.  We're not suppose to tolerate it.  There is a line between good and evil, and tolerating sin is not right.  It's a lie — from the enemy. Evil. We, as Christians should be producing fruit.  The Bible says that we should have the fruits of the spirit in our lives (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control — hint: that's 8 items, learn them, know them, grow in them).  One fear of mine is that we've became so politically correct — so blinded — that we can't see truth right in front of our faces. There is a line between good and evil — how many see it?  How many are blinded?

I need to make one note: this is mainly within the church, not outside so much.  By no means should we harm anyone because of their beliefs (such as what happened in the Selam Witch Trials, etc). 

Finally, remember that people are watching you no matter what you do as a believer.  A stern warning from Jesus: "… If anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." (Matthew 18:6 NIV).

Last note: this was written around noon Saturday and I'm just cleaning it up before posting.  I wanted to get a reader to check this before posting this time.  Oh, and I have spell check now … perhaps it'll help?

The Stand

Tonight while I was praying, I had this thought come to my mind … We, as Americans, watch a lot of TV, movies, whatever. I've pretty much resigned myself from almost all forms of media (big reason is that I do not really have the time). Here's an analogy (I think that's what it is) — if you have someone you care for very (very!) deeply and you see them hurt, what would your reaction be? The first thing that comes to my mind is how a man is (or should be) protective of his wife. If someone calls her an ugly name (or they disrespect her and/or her name) for most guys they would be very displeased (aka: very angry!). So here's the analogy — so very often we're doing the same thing to God! So often we go and do things that disrespects Him and His name. Instead of being angry about it, we just sit by and are basically saying, "Oh well, that's just how the culture is". That's how the culture is, perhaps. That's NOT how we, as Christians should live though. We're not supposed to be of the world. We're called to be what the world calls radical. Am I saying live in ignorance to the world around you? No. Just because you've not watched a movie, DOES NOT make you ignorant (maybe "deprived of culture"). If you're called to the media industry — great. Do what God has called you to do, BUT make sure you help build HIS Kingdom not your kingdom (because it will fade away — you're going to die!). When you stand before God — would you have a life without any lasting stain or blemish (sure, there's sins — but we're supposed to be trying to become like Christ!).

This can be taken further too. Even with video games. I spent 30+ hours over a 30 day period (maybe it was closer to 15 days). That, truely, was a total waste of time. I got temporary joy and fulfilment out of it. It's not badin moderation (an hour or two every week or two, perhaps?). If that's someone's ministry and it's fruitful and is what God called them to do, then that's great (this is NOT an excuse for going and playing a game though, if that's an excuse it's no more than foolishness and God can see right through it). So many times, I went and played that game hour upon hour when I could have done ANYTHINGbetter than that. There's a world out there going to hell. Plain. Harsh. Truth. I was literally spending hour upon hour doing that when I could have been praying for those people (intersession). They NEED Christ! That's all I want. Until my entire city is shouting "The Stand" from the rooftops — I can't give up. We can't give up. That's the plain simple truth. If it means giving up everything we have, we've got to do it. There may not be much time left. In an split second we could be wiped off the face of the earth and put into eternity. One blink of an eye. Eternity. Stroke. Car wreck. Gunshot. Sudden unexplained death. An instant. What will people remember you by? Will they be able to say, "S/he was the one who was radical for God. They did nothing else but stay in constant worship and prayer"? "Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away." (Psalm 144:4) A shadow that passes away. Just a shadow. In the span of time (speculating it's around 8,000 years), our lives (speculating we'll live to be 80 years) accounts for about 1% of the entire timespan of all life. One percent. And for a lot of us, we won't live as long as 80 years. A lot less than 1% of the entire span of earth life time. In a moment — gone.

The truth is — if I don't do what He has called me to do (if it's just to pray), God will find someone else to do it. God found someone else to lead His people when King Saul disobeyed God (countless times). God came to the little nobody — the man after God's own heart — David — to lead his people. The linage of Saul was severed. David was a nobody, the least of his family, yet through his linage came Jesus.
Something to think about …

"The Stand", Hillsong United: United We Stand:

You stood before creation
Eternity in Your hand
You spoke the earth into motion
My soul now to stand

You stood before my failure
And carried the cross for my shame
My sin weighed upon Your shoulders
My soul now to stand
So what could I say?
And what could I do?
But offer this heart oh God
Completely to You

So I'll walk upon salvation Your spirit alive in me
This life to declare Your promise
My soul now to stand
So what could I say?
And what could I do?
But offer this heart oh God
Completely to You

I'll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the one who gave it all
I'll stand
My soul Lord to You surrender it
all I am is Yours

I want to credit this blog with the lyrics.

Also, I wanted to add this: "Eternity", Misty Edwards

Eternity's eternal song, is calling me,
Is drawing me away, it's calling me away

All flesh is grass, fading away.
Only You last, only You remain the same,
You never change.
Holy, holy, holy, You are fairer than then sons of men

Surely man is like the flower of the field,
And life is but a vapor, at best but a vapor.
Surely man is like a flower of the field,
And the fragrance but a vapor, at best but a vapor.

But you O God, are better than a thousand blooms.
Hallelujah Amen!

Ah, longer than I wanted this to be, and later than I wanted to go …

The Life of Change … without Complaining!

On Friday I painted. Needless to say, my room is very different. I got a bluish paint. Since I had to move just about everything in my room around, I decided to also rearrange my room. I changed where my bed and chair is. I now have more room (or it seems that way, not sure if I really do). Here are some pictures of the "new look":

My Room My Room My Room

I like the paint color. I wasn't that sure I would like it as much as I do.

Last week, I went to a movie with my brother and two cousins. We saw Ice Age 2. It was pretty good. It was the first movie I've saw in theaters since Narnia back in January. I'm positive I've not missed much with staying at home (and not going to movies). So far the only other movie I'd like to see this year is Cars. From the previews I've saw, there's really not much coming out of Hollywood worth spending the time to watch (much less the money). I try to support the movies that are actually okay and would like to see more of, though.

The parents got Narnia on Tuesday. I watched it again (it was either the fourth or fifth time). Why can't authors make a story thatgood anymore? Narnia and Lord of the Rings have been the best movies of my lifetime — hands down. The funny thing is, out of all the movies nominated for "best picture" last year, Narnia got more money than all of them (and wasn't even nominated). Something to think about. It was the first movie I've ever seen that still had a slightly-crowded theater — a month after it's release.

Jumping subjects: complaining is bad. Over the past few weeks, I've observed several people complain over just anything. From the stupid little things (ie: food) to the big things (ie: cars). Oddly enough, my Bible reading went through Numbers. The Israelites complained to the Lord about their hardships after the Lord had brought them out of Egypt. Because of this Numbers says, "his [The Lords] anger blazed against them" (Numbers 11:1). The Lord burned the outside of the camp because of their complaining (until Moses prayed to the Lord for it to stop). Later they complained about the manna that God was providing them. So, in Numbers 11:18-20the Lord said to Moses to tell the people that He would give them meat to eat for an entire month — until they were very sick of it. They didn't put their trust in God. They were, in essence, telling God that they knew better, when in reality God knew that they were better off trusting in Him (and that he would provide for them). They weren't thankful for what God had done for them. This makes me wonder: how many times do I complain instead of just being thankful for what God has given to me. Throughout the book of Numbers the Israelites stop trusting in God. How many times do I stop trusting God? God told the Israelites the land of Canaan was theirs, yet only two of the twelve scouts that went to the land trusted that God had given it to them and they, through the help of God, could conquer it.

God has given us things (food, places to live, families, etc) — but so many times, we aren't thankful and do not trustGod's leading in our life. I think that the way we can trust God more is to pray and fast. By reading and praying the Word. I believe can help us trust God more. Looking back at what God has already done for us can help us look forward to what more God wants to give us, and to trust in Him. When we're depressed about something, perhaps if we THANKGod for what he has already done for us, instead of complaining to Him about where we are, we'll learn to trust Him more. When we trust Him, then He'll be able to lead and guide us to where He wants us to go.

A few more tidbits before I go …

I added the podcasts that I recommend (and listen to), to the side of my blog now. I recommend everyone to listen to them. I got the older CD by Misty Edwards, "Eternity". It's good, and I recommend it (it's on my recommended list for a reason). Also, I recommend the new Passion album, "Everything Glorious".

… and now I must go.

Church Media and New CD’s

The hardest part of writing on my blog is trying to come up with a good opening paragraph.  So I may just go random thoughts.  I bought the new Passion CD, “Everything Glorious” this morning.  I was going to get it last night, but iTunes has some issues I believe.  I bought (not yet received) the old Misty Edwards CD, “Eternity“.  None of the music services had it, nor did any of my main shops (ChristianDiscs.com and iTunes).  I’ve got one song from PureTracks.com, and must say they’re pretty good too.  They have the new Hillsong United CD for $9.99 (while iTunes has it at $19.99).  There’s a DVD with it if it’s bought in packaging though, so I may not buy it right away.

On Sunday I went searching for more free multimedia and videos for church and found two resources.  One requires that your church (or a member?) register.  I’ve not registered.  However, the other does not.  Vine Resources is the one which does not require any registration.  The other is LifeChurch.tv (interview with why they do this).  I just thought that someone could use these for their own church (without searching all over the internet for them like I did).  The second source (LifeChurch.tv), has their resources as videos (NTSC and PAL formats) and Adobe Photoshop images (not really sure about anything else, or how these are downloaded since I’ve not registered).  That’s why we started MinistryTalk.com — we believe in free resources (services in this case) for churches.  By the way, the church sermons section is reopened and we are taking new applications on first come, first serve basis.  For information, check this page.

The Battle

An interesting event took place over the weekend. The Battle Cry event took place. I have no idea what happened at the event (I’m sure it was awesome). A very interesting event took place, though, durring the event:

Twenty-five thousand evangelical Christians demonstrated against TV sex and violence in San Francisco this weekend. But that didn’t go down well with the city council, which passed a resolution condemning the rally as an “act of provocation” to negatively influence what the council called America’s “most tolerant” city.

The group, called “Battle Cry for a Generation,” uses the Bible to counter what it calls corrupting influences in the media. But the San Francisco Chronicle reports that about 50 counter-protesters denounced the gathering as a “fascist mega-pep rally.” And San Francisco’s State Representative Mark Leno called the Christians loud, obnoxious, and disgusting, adding, “they should get out of San Francisco.”

Source: Fox News

There’s two main points that really interested me. One: attention was drawn (national, as this was on The O’Reilly Factor). Two: the enemy has his eye on this and is not happy and he’s terrified (because he’s already been defeated and WE WIN/WE’VE ALREADY WON). There’s rarely a time when you see this happen (protesting against a Christian event). Things are happening that can’t be stopped. There’s a lot of prayer and intersession now that just can’t go unheard. I believe time’s running out. It’s almost midnight. We can’t stay in limbo and watch everyone else — we’ve got to act. We’ve got to pray. There is going to be more than just a few [secular] defections …